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      Family and personal life

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        Family and personal life

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          A happy child
          CA ON00431 F3-GG-73p001-73p011 · Part · 1940-2008
          Part of Fonds Lisette Tremblay

          Blue father and red child, with tree and blue clouds.

          Beaulieu, Léo
          A. Mclean Haig fonds
          Fonds · 1903-1975

          This fonds contains 22 folders. It consists of A. McLean Haig's biographical data which includes a brief summary of his life. The second folder contains his incoming correspondence which includes letters from: Assistant Deputy Minister of national Defence James A. Sharpe; a copy of a letter forwarded to Haig from C.C. Wimperly of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to Mr. A.B. Sprague; two letters between Wimperly and Haig, one with statistics concerning Northumberland and Durham Counties, the communities of Campbellford and Seymour, and the former District of Newcastle; one from A.R. Wilson, the Belleville Superintendent of the Canadian National Railway; one telegram and one business card congratulating Mayor Haig on his election in 1962 from Quebec Premiere Jean Lesage – in the telegram, it is interesting to note that Lesage is spelled Lesarge; a letter from Trans-Canada Air Lines and Air Canada Vice President Howard Cotterell with a small picture sent from Cotterell to Haig from the air carrier's annual report; a letter from CNR Rideau Manager Keith Hunt that had a piece of the rail-track from Pinnacle Street in Belleville enclosed with it after the line had been pulled from the ground in 1964; and three Christmas cards received from constituents.

          The are also pieces of Haig's outgoing correspondence including: four pieces of correspondence to CNR the St. Lawrence Region Vice President, W.H. Kyle and Belleville Superintendent A.R. Wilson respectively; and a letter thanking Premiere Lesage – again spelled Lesarge, for his congratulations on winning the 1962 Belleville municipal election.

          There is a folder of his municipal papers consisting of: newspaper clippings; a press release from Postmaster M.A. Murray; a program from the opening of the new wing of the Belleville General Hospital in 1956; and a report on major accomplishments achieved by the Haig administration between 1960 and 1963 prepared by City Manager J.R. Reynolds. Additional folders in this fonds include: one folder of federal government papers, nine folders containing copies of his addresses and speeches; one folder of speeches given by other people that the Mayor kept; a folder with copies of the report of the Willmott Royal Commission which looked into the McFarlands hockey team scandal; one folder of military related documents; one folder with items pertaining to the history of Belleville and Thurlow; a file with printed jokes and other items that Haig found humourous; one folder labeled miscellaneous by the original record keeper; and two volumes of scrapbooks.

          Haig, A. Mclean
          A visit
          CA ON00431 F3-GG-47p001 · Item · 1940-2008
          Part of Fonds Lisette Tremblay

          Her husband arrives with guest, and Alice's serves visiting Mr Wilson a cup of coffee.

          Beaulieu, Yvon
          CA ON00431 F3-GG-108p001-108p008 · Part · 1940-2008
          Part of Fonds Lisette Tremblay

          Man in green boat, waving is hand, above the blue waves, as he approaches the shore.

          Beaulieu, Léo
          CA ON00431 F2-GD-35 · Item · 1998-2002
          Part of Fonds Gisèle Dallaire

          Terminal, three planes, sun and one person with hat.

          Chambers, Mathieu
          Alexander McPherson fonds
          CA ON00329 F27 · Fonds · 1825-1843

          The fonds consists of 12 letters written by Alexander McPherson to members of his family, including his mother and his brother-in-law. The majority of the letters were written while he held the position of Manager at Plantation Nos. 17 & 18 in Berbice, British Guiana and the remainder represent the period following when he settled at Whitby.

          Alexander McPherson
          CA ON00154 2015.25-2015.25.33 · Series · 1888-1972
          Part of Long Family Collection

          Series consists of correspondence, legal documents, and financial documents pertaining to the life and estate of Alfred Henry Clark Long, 1888-1972. It also includes: A.H.C. Long Insurance Agent Licence/Photograph, 1899; Alfred Long Report Card, 1888; A.H.C. Long Chairman of Town Property Committee Announcement, 1918; Patient Chart regarding Mr. Long's stay at St. Luke's Home in Vancouver with Typhoid c1901; and Mr. A.H.C. Long Calling Card.

          CA ON00154 2004.23-2004.23.2.9 · File · 1910-1916
          Part of Tom Long Local History Collection (Second Accrual)

          File consists of the military papers of Alfred H.C. Long, 1910-1916. It includes: Certificate of Military Instruction, Infantry Branch, 1910; 46th Regiment, School of Signaling, Certificate of Military Instruction, 28 Apr 1911; Certificate of Military Instruction 24 Jun 1913; 46th Regiment, Certificate of Military Instruction, Field Officer, 1916; Certificate of Military Instruction of Musketry Instruction, 1916; Regimental Fund Account, 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, C. E. F. 1915-1916; Battalion Order # 112. Second page duplicated. Syllabus of training, May 13, 1916 Commanding 136th Durham Overseas Battalion, Port Hope; Militia Orders, 21 May 1910, A. H. C. Long listed, 46th Regiment; Appointments, Promotions and Retirements, Canadian Militia, 1914; Letter to Major A. H. C. Long, junior Major from Lt. Col. R. W. Smart regarding Smart's resignation, 1916.

          CA ON00431 F2-GD-1 · Item · 1998-2002
          Part of Fonds Gisèle Dallaire

          Illustrates infected characters from the movie Alien, early 2000s

          Chambers, Mathieu
          All eyes
          CA ON00431 F2-GD-132 · Item · 2003-2007
          Part of Fonds Gisèle Dallaire

          The clouds, the sun, the branches, the trunk, the house and its windows, all have big eyes and are smiling.

          Chambers, Claire
          CA ON00431 F3-GG-73p001-73p013 · Part · 1940-2008
          Part of Fonds Lisette Tremblay

          High blue water waves and person on the shore with boat.

          Beaulieu, Léo
          Allen - Bellamy family fonds
          CA ON00333 14-016 · Fonds · ca. 1880-2007

          Fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, greeting cards, diplomas, certificates, maps, pamphlets, reminiscences, genealogical materials, and memorabilia pertaining to the Allen and Bellamy families.

          Allen - Bellamy family
          Alton Family
          Collection · 1771-1935

          Collection consists of family photographs, one genealogical record book and one marriage certificate