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HS-2L Drawing Collection

  • CA ON00420 HDC
  • Collection
  • Reproduits vers 1970 (originaux créés en 1917-1918)

Collection consists of reproduced technical drawings of the Curtiss HS-2L flying boat. The original drawings were made by Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation, Standard Aircraft Corporation, or Gallaudet Aircraft Corporation between 1917 and 1918. It is unclear when the reproductions were made, but assumed to have been ca. 1970 when the Museum was working on its reproduction of the aircraft. The drawings all have numbers and, as with most engineering drawings, this designation may have had a repeating logical pattern based on the subject’s relation to other parts of the aircraft or other drawings. For example, cockpit flooring drawings have similar numbers with only the third digit changing (i.e. 313263 Post Pilot’s Cockpit Flooring No.17 Right, 314263 Post Pilot’s Cockpit Flooring No.17 Left, 315263 Post Pilot’s Cockpit Flooring No.19 Right etc.). The drawings have been arranged sequentially by these numbers.