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          CA ON00154 2006.45 · Fonds · 1968-2014

          Fonds consists of the papers of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Port Hope Branch's House Tour Committee, 1974-2004. For more detailed information, refer to series-level descriptions.

          Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Port Hope Branch
          Fonds · 1914-1993

          The fonds consists of a Tweedsmuir History, minute and cash books, receipts and financial statements, reports and attendance register for the annual district meeting, pertaining to the activities of the Addington District Women’s Institute. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Series 1: Minutes Series 2: Reports Series 3: Tweedsmuir history books Series 4: Publications Series 5: Attendance Register

          Addington District Women’s Institute
          Administrative records
          CA ON00370 F0515-S00375 · Series · 1957-2005, predominant 1983-2004
          Part of Jean Augustine fonds

          Series consists of the administrative records created and accumulated by Jean Augustine in the course of her activities as a community advocate, activist and volunteer; in her role as an administrator and chair of various local, municipal, provincial, federal and international organizations, associations, boards, committees and conferences; and as a federal politician representing the constituency of Etobicoke-Lakeshore in Ontario. Series is organized into several functional categories used by Augustine herself, including Community Action files ; Parliamentarian files ; Correspondence and subject files ; Trips and conferences; Canadian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development; Canada Africa Parliamentary Group; Special Advisor for Grenada; Secretary of State (Multiculturalism); Women's Issues; and Status of Women Canada. Series also includes groups of records related to her election campaign strategies; Black History Month celebrations and promotions; the Sugar Caucus; Anti-racism efforts; her work as a school principal and teacher; her official correspondence, business contacts and the contents of several briefcases.

          Augustine, Jean
          Fonds · 1903 - 2011

          The fonds consist of various materials related to the activities of the Admiral Vansittart Chapter of the IODE and is arranged into the following series and subseries:

          Series 1: Administration
          Subseries A: Minute Books
          Subseries B: Annual Reports
          Subseries C: Financial Records
          Subseries D: Membership
          Subseries E: Constitution and History

          Series 2: Citizenship Ceremonies

          Series 3: Captain Andrew Drew Junior Chapter

          Series 4: Sponsorship Programs
          Subseries A: Old Crow, Yukon
          Subseries B: Westwood High School, Stewart Town, Jamaica

          Series 5: Opportunity Shop
          Subseries A: Operations
          Subseries B: Finances
          Subseries C: Opportunity Tea and Coffee + One Party
          Subseries D: Shop Schedules

          Series 6: Special Events
          Subseries A: Meetings
          Subseries B: Anniversaries
          Subseries C: IODE Week
          Subseries D: Chapter Teas
          Subseries E; Honor Student Dinners
          Subseries F: Centennial Fashion Show
          Subseries G: Founders Day / Old St. Paul’s
          Subseries H: Scrapbooks
          Subseries I: Miscellaneous

          Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. Admiral Vansittart Chapter
          Fonds · 1891-1995

          The fonds consists of minute and cash books , microfilmed copies of the Tweedsmuir history books and a programme pertaining to the activities of the Adolphustown Women’s Institute. Notes: Fonds is comprised of the following series: Series 1: Minutes Series 2: Tweedsmuir history Series 3: Programmes

          Adolphustown Women’s Institute
          CA ON00159 P190 · Fonds · 1963-2011

          The Adrienne and Ricardo de la Riva fonds attests to Adrienne and Ricardo’s social involvement within the community of Sudbury and highlights their numerous political and cultural accomplishments and interests.

          Although the fonds contains few records from Ricardo de la Riva’s medical practice, it does include some records from St. Joseph’s Hospital and the General Hospital, most of which relate to on-call schedules or restructuring changes at these institutions.

          Most of the records in this fonds come from city committees, associations, or groups which Ricardo de la Riva was a part of as a city councillor. The records include meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, budgets, maps, and plans which shed light on positions Adrienne and Ricardo de la Riva held on various committees. These records document Sudbury’s political, social, and cultural evolution over the course of more than 28 years.

          In addition to records on Francophone education, cultural activities, and services offered by the city, many documents deal with projects that were submitted and carried out. They concern economic development, road development, architectural and urban planning, and various services offered to citizens of the city either by the municipality or by associations, groups, and organizations.

          The Flour Mill Museum records document, not only the activities of the museum and its administration, but also partnerships with other local organizations and groups involved in joint projects. There is also extensive documentation on the Flour Mill silos, their history, restoration, and use.

          Files of correspondence to and from Ricardo de la Riva’s constituents, as well as correspondence and follow-ups with city employees, attest to the importance de la Riva placed on every letter he received.

          Many reports, studies, newspaper clippings, and engineering plans document road rehabilitation in the city, especially in the downtown and Flour Mill area.

          Additionally, there are different reports, architectural plans, and committee minutes that document various interventions and changes brought about regarding economic development, area revitalization, building renovations, and parking issues in the Flour Mill. Many projects, including the municipal library project, the establishment of a cultural centre, the possibility of a new arena, and a casino in the downtown core, are well documented and give information on the position taken by de la Riva during these projects.

          While the meeting minutes, motions, notes, budget proposals, and other city council documents give information on council operations and bylaws which were passed, they also give information on the internal structure of the city and its relationship with various other levels of government. Several handwritten notes and opinion letters written by Ricardo de la Riva give a glimpse into his vision for the city. The fonds contains a number of records from different city committees such as the zoning committee, planning and development committee, the engineering committee, as well as the Sudbury Airport Review Committee, among others. There is also extensive documentation on community improvement projects in many areas of the city, including the Junction Creek development, accompanied by environmental records from the Nickel District Conservation Authority. Other records contain information on the history of city buildings, their restoration, and heritage value.

          Ricardo de la Riva’s activities as part of the Junior Soccer League are also well documented.

          de la Riva, Adrienne
          Allan Grossman fonds
          CA ON00370 F0317 · Fonds · 1890-1979, predominant 1950-1975

          The fonds consists of correspondence and papers, reports, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, photographs, tapes and films, related to Allan Grossman's political career, community work, and family life.

          Grossman, Allan, 1910-1991
          CA ON00154 2015.80-2015.80.8-2015.80.8.20 · File · 2013
          Part of Our Memories: Downtown Port Hope Oral History Project

          File consists of a DVD including Allan White's "Our Memories: Downtown Port Hope" Oral History Project interview; and a paper copy of the interview transcript, 2013. The interview was edited and uploaded to YouTube with the following description: "Join the Port Hope Archives as we speak to local resident Allan White about his time owning Giffen's Hardware and other downtown memories."

          Port Hope Archives
          CA ON00154 2004.20-2004.20.2.8 · File · 1867-1873
          Part of East Durham Land Registry Office Collection

          File consists of two (2) documents related to the Alma of the Sons of the Temperance of Canada West, Division #186, Township of Hope, 1867 and 1873. Each document includes a Form of Notice, Form of Resolution and Form of Decision. Names on the documents include: Richard Boney, John Westlick, Arthur Cleyhom?, J. A. Grimison, Paul Upton Oke, John Oke, James B. McMachon, Edward Brockenshire, Thomas Westlick, William H. Giddy, John W. Peacock, Thomas Wade, Jesse Wood, John Grimison, William Greenaway, William Found, Thomas Grimison and Frank Northcott.

          East Durham County Land Registry Office
          CA ON00353 AFC 435 · Fonds · 1942 - 1976

          This fonds contains lecture papers, certificates and member records.

          Alpha Omega Alpha Beta Chapter
          Amalgamation Process series
          CA ON00279 F01-S099 · Series · 1996-2013

          This series contains records relevant to the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the diocese of London’s amalgamation with the Hamilton, Pembroke, and Peterborough congregations to become the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada. The records are from before, during, and just after the amalgamation. While material concerns all four of the congregations and the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada, it was created by and primarily concerns the London Sisters.

          The Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada was heavily involved in driving the amalgamation. In 1996 a video was shown to the London Sisters to bring awareness of the prospects of the religious communities and proposed uniting as one congregation. The London Sisters individually wrote reflections on this video. From 2007 to 2009 the Federation operated the Oneness Project which focused on interconnectedness and unity amongst the Sisters of St. Joseph and assessed four potential options of collaboration, one of which was amalgamation. This project resulted in newsletters, presentation slides, and the “Wisdom Gathering” report prepared by Sister Veronica O’Reilly. There is feedback from the London Sisters to the Oneness Project and the options presented at the 2009 Assembly.

          Many of the records involved preparation for the amalgamation and the legal, organizational, and financial concerns related to the amalgamation. Other congregations of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the United States had undergone similar union of congregations. A booklet, timelines of their process, and minutes from meetings with these American Sisters were amassed by the Canadian Sisters in preparation for their own amalgamation.

          Many committees and teams were formed and involved with preparing for and facilitating the transition, creating new goals and organizational structures for the amalgamated congregation, and communicating the process to the Sisters. Prayer pamphlets, minutes, and agendas from meetings as well as correspondence, newsletters, and reports from these teams and committees are present in this series. Those prominently featured are the Core and Local Futuring Teams, the Transitional Team, the Design Team, Chapter Planning Committee, Materials Resource Committee, Lay Advisory Committee, Website Committee, and the General Council. Select major topics include by-laws, insurance, finances, internal organizational structure, future planning, canonical and civil law requirements, and the creation of a website for the amalgamated congregation. There is also preparation for, and reports from, various Chapters and the Assembly where amalgamation and other options proposed by the Federation were discussed and voted on.

          Another report included is “Evolving Design” which was created as part of the amalgamation process to outline the goals, governance, and process of the amalgamated congregation. There are several versions of this document from its creation process. It is based on the Sisters’ feedback on the congregation’s collective vocation and outlines the charism, the leadership structure, the role of the General Chapter, and contains a transitional constitution for the Sisters. It also outlines the duties of the Transitional Team.

          There were many legal and financial issues which had to be addressed during the amalgamation. Forms, agreements, by-laws, acts, and correspondence with the Holy See, the Canadian government, solicitors, and Father Francis G. Morrisey about canonical and civil legal requirements for the amalgamation are present in this series. Some by-laws are internal and concern the operations and structures of the amalgamated congregation. Financial records, including budgets and arrangements for transfer of assets, for both the individual and amalgamated congregation are also included. There are also various iterations of guiding principles for the transition process and the amalgamated congregation.

          The Sisters of St. Joseph of London had their final, binding vote on amalgamation at the Special Chapter in November of 2011 and there is an album of photographs documenting the event. The formal installation of leadership of the amalgamated congregation was held in 2013, and there is an invitation and brochure from the event. There are also correspondence and statements concerning press releases about the amalgamation.

          Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada (London, Ont.)
          Fonds · 1901-2005

          The fonds consists of minute books, cash books, Tweedsmuir History books, photographs, a Birthday Calendar, house histories, and subject files pertaining to the activities of the Amherst Island Women’s Institute. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Series 1: Minutes Series 2: Tweedsmuir history books Series 3: Publications

          Amherst Island Women’s Institute
          Archibald (family) fonds
          CA ON00152 KTA 2003_04 · Fonds · 1907 - 1950

          Photographs document part of the life of King Township farmer Walter Archibald.

          Archibald, John
          CA ON00156 MG 635 · Fonds · 1983-2002

          Contains mostly the Quinte Branch newsletter but also a number of walking tours of Belleville and Picton. Some of the minutes from meetings are also included as are some newspaper clippings associated with historic buildings of the region.

          Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Quinte Branch
          Audio-visual material
          CA ON00370 F0515-S00378 · Series · 1975-2005 ; predominant 1993-2005
          Part of Jean Augustine fonds

          Series consists of media coverage of Jean Augustine's professional activities as a member of Parliament, cabinet minister and community advocate, including video recordings of her public appearances, as well as recordings of her appearance on radio and television. Also includes music recordings and documentaries submitted to Augustine by members of the community and some lobby groups.

          Augustine, Jean
          CA ON00370 F0258 · Fonds · 1969-1975

          The fonds consists of correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, minutes and related material for the Avenue-Bay-Cottingham Ratepayers' Association and the Marlborough Avenue Ratepayers' Association. This includes correspondence between Jack Granatstein and Marathon Realty, correspondence with City of Toronto officials, reports of various City departments, minutes of meetings of the Ratepayers' Associations and of advocacy bodies in the city, and reports of Task Forces established by the City and Metropolitan Toronto.

          Avenue-Bay-Cottingham Ratepayers' Association