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            ON00120 023-1-.1-4-.345-1 · Item · December 1942
            Part of Sudbury Star

            One image of a French Bulldog with a Christmas tag attached to his collar that reads, "To Mr. W.E. Mason Compliments of Sudbury Star and Radio Station C.K.S.O. Staffs." The dog is sniffing at a cardboard cutout of a fire hydrant that has a "No Parking" sign on top of it and "Merry Christmas" written across it. The arms and legs of two unidentified men are also visible in the image.

            ON00120 023-1-.1-4-.345-2 · Item · December 1942
            Part of Sudbury Star

            One image of a French bulldog with a Christmas tag attached to his collar that reads, "To Mr. W.E. Mason Compliments of Sudbury Star and Radio Station C.K.S.O. Staffs." The dog is standing next to a cardboard cutout of a fire hydrant that has a "No Parking" sign on top of it and "Merry Christmas" written across it. The arms and legs of an unidentified man are also visible in the image.

            Dr. Albert E. Allen fonds
            Fonds · 1921 - 1966

            The fonds consists of notes, correspondence, bird observation data, and the natural history journals of Dr. Allen. The fonds contains the following series:
            -Dr. A.E. Allen Bird Observations
            -Natural History Notes of A.E. Allen
            -Dr. A.E. Allen Ephemera

            Dr Walter Momot fonds
            Fonds · 1950-2005

            Records relate to water quality and fish research in Northwestern Ontario.

            In 1986, the International Joint Commission’s Remedial Action Plan for the Great Lakes designated four Canadian areas of concern (AOC) in Lake Superior. The following areas were identified to have water quality impairments, Thunder Bay, Nipigon Bay, Jackfish Bay, and Peninsula Harbour (Marathon, Ontario). Pulp and Paper mills were identified as a major source of pollution. In Thunder Bay, the inventory and assessment projects were initiated as Stage 1 and completed by 1991. Stage 2, remedial strategies, completed in 2004. General issues: unpleasant foam, oily residue, and odour in waterways, high levels of chemicals in sediment and fish, loss of fish and wildlife habitat, impacts to sediment-dwelling organisms, and impacts on fish populations. Specific fish habitat concerns were water quality degradation, loss of wetland, degradation or loss of spawning substrate, and habitat destruction by dredging. Important fish population problems have occurred over time due to fish habitat loss from both physical and chemical changes on Lake Superior and its tributaries.
            Many government agencies were involved with Lake Superior remedial action plans including the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Department of Fisheries Oceans (DFO), Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Lakehead Conservation Authority. Lakehead University was tasked with portions of the fish and fish habitat inventory in Stage 1 and providing an external review of the stage 2 plans for remedial action. Lakehead University sought Dr. Walter Momot, Professor of Ichthyology with this responsibility.

            This collection is divided into three series involving the International Joint commissions Remedial Action Plans of the Canadian Portion of Lake Superior.
            1) Kaministiquia River Project
            a. Kaministiquia River External Reports
            2) Northwestern Ontario Fish Inventory Collection
            3) Remedial Action Plan Reviews

            Further Reading;
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            • Momot, Walter T. Review and Recommendations Concerning Delisting Criteria and Beneficial Use Impairments for the Four North Coast of Lake Superior Areas of Concern. Dept. of Biology, Lakehead University, 2005.
            • Momot, Walter T., and S. A. Stephenson. Threespine, Gasterosteus Aculeatus, and Fourspine, Apeltes Auadracus, Sticklebacks in the Lake Superior Basin. 2000.
            • Momot, Walter T., and Sam A. Stephenson. Isostatic Rebound and Its Effects on Fish Colonization and Distribution in the Western Lake Superior Basin. National Research Council., 1993.
            • Momot, Walter T., et al. Reproductive Guilds of Percids : Results of the Paleogeographical History of Ecological Succession. s.n.], 1977?
            • Momot, Walter T., and Sam A. Stephenson. Atlas of the Distribution of Fish within the Canadian Tributaries of Western Lake Superior. Lakehead Centre for Northern Studies, 1996.
            • Picard, Christopher Robert, et al. Effectiveness of Using Summer Thermal Indices to Classify and Protect Brook Trout Streams in Northern Ontario?
            • Stephenson, Sam A. The distribution of fishes in the Thunder Bay area of northwestern Ontario since deglaciation, with special reference to the darters (Genus Etheostoma) and the Sibley Peninsula. Thesis (M.Sc.)--Lakehead University. 1991
            • Stephenson, Sam A., and Walter T. Momot. Sibley Fishes. Lakehead Centre for Northern Studies, 1994.
            • Stephenson, Sam A. Food Habits and Growth of Walleye (Stizostedion Vitreum), Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus Dolomieui) and Northern Pike (Esox Lucius) in the Kaministiquia River, Thunder Bay, Ontario. s.n.], 1989.
            • "FOR THE RECORD SALMON THREATENED." Globe & Mail [Toronto, Canada], 20 Feb. 1989, p. A12. Canada In Context, Accessed 24 May 2019.

            Momot, Walter
            Edmund Murton Walker fonds
            CA ON00259 SC13 · Fonds · 1900-1960

            Fonds consists of Edmund Murton Walker's entomology field notes.

            Walker, Edmund Murton
            Father J. C. E. Riotte fonds
            CA ON00259 SC8 · Fonds · 1955-1975

            Fonds consists of Father Riotte’s correspondence, papers, and photographs, as well as research notes for two books.

            Riotte, J. C. E.
            CA ON00402 RCK · Fonds · 2006-2009

            The fonds includes textual records relating to the Rotaract Club of Kapuskasing’s activities between 2006 and 2009. It contains minutes, recruitment posters, a list of members and general information about Rotaract clubs. Some minutes are missing.

            Rotaract Club of Kapuskasing
            G.H. Richardson fonds
            CA ON00259 SC199 · Fonds · 1928 - 1977

            Fonds consists of sketches, notebooks, paintings and articles accumulated by G.H. Richardson. It includes copies of Richardson's newspaper column, "Nature Notes" his collections of paintings, sketches, and art reference plates.

            Richardson, George Hubert
            Harold Richards fonds
            CA ON00259 SC81 · Fonds · 1907-1983

            Fonds consists of material related to Harold Richards’ activity as a bird bander. It includes banding records, banding registers, returns, schedules, daily logs of bird activity, daily registers, encounter reports, recovery reports, reference material and correspondence.

            Richards, Harold (C.H.)
            John D. Evans fonds
            CA ON00159 P218 · Fonds · 1890

            The John D. Evans fonds consists of a transcript of Evans’ 1890 diary. The diary informs us on his daily activities in Trenton but also in Copper Cliff at the Canadian Copper Company. Not only do the notes report on his activities as engineer and manager at the CCC and the development of the mining sites in the area, but they also document his interest and findings on insects, and his involvement in the development of the city.

            Evans, John Dunlop
            Nigel Juhtund fonds
            Fonds · 1952 - 1985

            Nigel Juhtund was a resident of Schreiber. He was a bachelor and worked in a lumber mill in Terrace Bay. He was originally from the Baltic region of Europe. Juhtund recorded all of his bird sightings for the Schreiber area from 1952 until 1985. The Federation of Ontario Naturalists honoured his work by granting him an award at their annual conference in 1990 held in Thunder Bay.

            The fonds consists of bird observation data and summaries of the data. The fonds consists of the following series:

            1. North-Shore Bird Sightings
            2. Field List
            3. The Summary of North-Shore Birds
            4. Bird Nesting Period Summaries
            Fonds · 1933 - 1990

            The fonds consists of minutes, membership lists, newsletters, correspondence, a photograph and four negatives, bird census data, and other records associated with the activities of the club. The fonds consists of the following series:

            1. Constitution and Bylaws
            2. Minutes
            3. Treasurer
            4. Club History
            5. Membership Lists
            6. Newsletter
            7. Research and Information
            8. Lobbying
            9. Conferences
            10. 50th Anniversary
            11. Ephemera
            Fonds · 2009 - 2016

            The records consist of daily logs and banding data for birds observed at the Thunder Cape Bird Observatory.

            Thunder Cape Bird Observatory (TCBO) is a joint project of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources - Wildlife Assessment Program (OMNR-WAP), and Bird Studies Canada, working in partnership with Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, and the Canadian Coast Guard. (TBFN)

            Thunder Cape Bird Observatory