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Airplanes -- Tires

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Airplanes -- Tires

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Airplanes -- Tires

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Bill Law fonds

  • CA ON00420 LAW
  • Fundo
  • 1930, 1951-1972, 1992

The fonds consists of Law’s files on the design of oversize tires for operations from unprepared terrain. Law investigated the use of these tires on J-3, Beaver, Otter, Twin Otter, Caribou and Buffalo aircraft. The files include correspondence, reports, technical drawings, and notes on the investigations and research Law undertook while at De Havilland, especially when he was working with Weldy Phipps on the further application of his design of oversize tires. The fonds is arranged into three series: LAW-1 Curriculum vitae and miscellaneous documents; LAW-2 deHavilland (and some Phipps) files; and, LAW-3 Weldy Phipps Studies (Oversize Tires).

Law, Bill