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Morrison, George Matthew, 1913-2001

  • Person
  • 1913-2001

George Matthew Morrison (1913-2001) was born in Toronto. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1936 with a degree in commerce and finance. For three years following that he articled in an accounting firm and became a chartered accountant in 1939. He spent one year with the Hudson's Bay Company and then served with the Royal Canadian Air Force for four years (two years as a civilian assistant financial superintendent of the Department of National Defense for Air). After the war, he returned home and became a partner in a Toronto accounting firm, and in 1950 joined I.B.M. as controller of I.B.M's World Trade Corporation. He left the finance sector in 1953 to attend Emmanuel College and graduated in 1956 with a bachelor of divinity. Following that, he took a fellowship to St. Andrew's University Scotland. He received a Doctor of Divinity from Emmanuel in 1968. During this time, he held pastorates at Robertson Memorial in Winnipeg, 1957-1959; and Ryerson in Vancouver, 1966-1971. He was also Assistant Secretary in the Board of Home Missions and later a Secretary in the Board of Finance. He was elected General Secretary of the General Council in 1972. In 1975 and became minister at Timothy Eaton Memorial United Church in Toronto. He received a second Doctor of Divinity from St. Andrew's (Scotland) in 1978 and in that same year, he and his wife Bindy retired to British Columbia.

Sinclair, James Harold, 1941-

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  • 1941-

James Harold ("Jim)" Sinclair (1941-) was born in North Bay, Ontario. He attended high school in Sudbury, then received a B.A. from University of Toronto (Victoria College) in 1964, and a B.D. from Emmanuel College in 1967. He also attended Crozar Theological Seminary (Pennsylvania) from 1969-1970. He was received as a candidate by Sudbury Presbytery in 1964 and ordained by Hamilton Conference in 1967. He held pastorates in Schefferville, Quebec from 1967-1969; Cowansville, Quebec, 1971-1979; St. Andrew's, North Bay, Ontario, 1979-1998. Sinclair was President of Manitou Conference from 1999-2002, and General Secretary of the General Council from 2002-2006. He worked in North Bay Presbytery from 2006 until he retired in 2011. He is married to Donna Sinclair.

Coleman, Kathryn Virginia, 1949-

  • Person
  • 1949-

Kathryn Virginia ("Ginny") Coleman (1949-) was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She attended McMaster University from 1968-1971, then from 1973-1975 studied at the Centre for Christian Studies, receiving a diploma as a Professional Christian Educator in 1975. She was received as a candidate in 1973, and ordained in 1975 by Hamilton Conference. She served as Director of Education at St. Paul's United in Orillia from 1975-1980, then St. Paul's in Midland from 1981-1982. She was the secretary of Ministry Personnel Services in the Division of Ministry Personnel and Education from 1984-1991, and Executive Secretary of Hamilton Conference from 1992-1994. She was General Secretary of the General Council from 1994-2002 and 2002-2005 she was Executive Secretary of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Conference. From 2005-2011 she worked as a Diaconal Minister in Little Britain, Manitoba.

Parker, Irene Evans, 19??-

  • Person
  • 19??-

Irene Evans Parker was the first female General Secretary of the General Council. She was a Mission Officer and Chairperson of the Executive Committee of Applewood United Church in Mississauga, Chairperson of Halton Presbytery, chairperson of the pastoral relations committee of Halton Presbytery. She was Deputy Secretary of Regionalism and Personnel in the Office of the Moderator from 1985-1987 and during that time was also Acting General Council Secretary for the General Council. She retired from the General Council Office in 1987.

Sanders, Nora, 19??-

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  • 19??-

Nora Sanders (19??-) graduated with a degree in History from Western University in 1977. She was Deputy Minister of Justice in Nunavut before becoming the General Secretary of the General Council, a position she has held from 2006-2019.

United Church of Canada. Office of the Moderator and General Secretary

  • Corporate body
  • 2001-2019

The Office of the Moderator and General Secretary (OMGS) was formalized as an administrative body and unit during the General Council Office reorganization in 2001. Prior to this reorganization, the same positions existed simply as The General Council.

The Office of the Moderator and General Secretary provides planning and coordination for, and support to, the General Council, its Executive and the Moderator. The General Secretary has responsibility for the coordination and integration of the people and programs of the General Council.

Annan - Woodford Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

  • ON00340
  • Corporate body
  • 1970 -

Annan - Woodford Pastoral Charge was formed in 1970, when Annan Pastoral Charge and Woodford Pastoral Charge joined together. It included Trinity United Church in Annan and Woodfrod United Church, until Woodford United Church closed in 2004. It is currently a single-point pastoral charge.
Annan Pastoral Charge was formed in 1925, formerly Presbyterian. it included Annan, Johnstone Church in Johnson, Leith
Trinity United Church, located at 303234 Sideroad 33 in Annan, was established in 1925, formerly Presbyterian. The Presbyterian Church was established in 1855 and shared a minister with Division Street Presbyterian Church in Owen Sound until 1877 when it formed part of Annan-Leith Presbyterian Pastoral Charge. In 1906, the charge also included Daywood and Johnstone congregations. It joined the United Church of Canada in 1925. It was also known as Annan United Church. It is still an active congregation of the United Church of Canada.
Woodford United Church, located at the intersection of Mallory Beach Rd & 8th Ave, was established in 1925, formerly Methodist and Presbyterian. It joined the United Church of Canada in 1925 and formed part of Woodford Pastoral Charge until 1970. The congregation closed December 2004.
Johnstone United Church was established in 1925, formerly Presbyterian; it closed ca. 1969
Leith United Church was established in 1925, formerly Presbyterian; it closed ca. 1969

Sutton West : Knox Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

  • CAN
  • Corporate body

Sutton West: Knox Pastoral Charge was formed in 1925, formerly Methodist and Presbyterian; it was also known as Sutton West Pastoral Charge and Sutton West - Virginia Pastoral Charge, and included Knox Church in Sutton West, Bethel Church in Georgina Township, and Virginia

Goldstone Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

  • CAN
  • Corporate body
  • 1886-2006

Goldstone Pastoral Charge was formed ca. 1929 when Stirton Pastoral Charge was discontinued, with Stirton closing and Goldstone and Goshen, which had been points on that charge, becoming a new charge; the charge was discontinued ca. 1939 when Goshen became a separate charge and Goldstone became a point on the Alma Pastoral Charge.

United Church of Canada. Permanent Committee on Governance and Agenda.

  • Corporate body
  • 2001-

The Committee is one of the four committees of the Executive of the General Council that was established after the restructuring of General Council divisions in 2001. It is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the financial life and policies of the General Council, including assets, income, expenditures, considerations of its short- and long-term financial issues, risk management, and investment and fund management; overseeing the long-term financial planning of the General Council; recommending the overall expenditure and income budget to the Executive; monitoring income, expenditures, assets, liabilities, and capital initiatives and reporting them regularly to the Executive and; recommending financial strategies.

The Permanent Committee on Finance is made up of 9 to 12 voting members reflecting the gender, race, ethnic, age, vocation, and geographical diversity of The United Church of Canada and three voting members of the Executive of the General Council. The General Council Officer for Finance is the staff resource to the committee.

Most of the tasks and responsibilities of this Committee were once part of the Permanent Committee on Governance Planning and Budgeting Processes (2003-2009).


  • Family
  • 1929-

John and Betty Jean (BJ) (Neely) Klassen were a couple who were deeply involved in the United Church of Canada in various capacities.

John Klassen (1929-) was born in Saskatchewan. He graduated from United College at the University of Winnipeg with a B.A. (1951) and followed with a Diploma in Theology. Upon ordination by Manitoba Conference, he was settled at Sioux Lookout in Ontario from 1954-1958. Following that, he and his wife BJ both took a post-graduate year at Union Theological Seminary in New York (1959), then he returned to Wesley United Church in Welland from 1958-1964. While there, he held positions as Presbytery Chairman of Colleges and Students, Presbytery Christian Education Convenor, Chairman of the Vocations, and member of the National Board of Christian Education. These interests led to the acceptance of an appointment of Field Secretary for Christian Education for Manitoba Conference (1964-1968). He then returned to Kingston to work at St. Margaret’s Church from 1968-1977, where he was Chairman of the Bay of Quinte Conference Staff Committee, and a member of the Executive of the Conference and of the General Council Conference Staff Committee. He was Chairman of Kingston Presbytery and Chairman of the Committee on Candidates, and Professor/Director of Field Education at Queen’s Theological College. In 1986, he and his wife BJ became co-directors of Field Education at Emmanuel College.

Betty Jean (BJ) Neely (1929-2016) was born in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. She attended elementary and high school in Fort Frances, then received a B.A. from United College, Winnipeg in 1954. Afterwards, she received a MRE degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York (1959), and a Master of Divinity from Queen’s Theological College in Kingston (1973). For a time, she was Bay of Quinte Conference staff with responsibility for Program and Leadership Development (1976-1985). In 1986 she and John became co-directors of Field Education at Emmanuel College. BJ was an ardent and dedicated volunteer with the church; taking part in The National Leadership Development Committee, The New Curriculum, The Task force on Sexuality and Morality, The Church and the World Commission, and The National Over-view Committee. She was also chair of the National Coordinating group for the United Church’s Study Program on Sexual Orientation, Lifestyles and Ministry. She was also deeply involved in her community and worked with the Ontario Welfare Council, Board of Directors of the Sunnyside Children’s Home in Kingston, was a member of the library board in Welland, and worked with unwed mothers, while being involved in CGIT, Student Christian Movement and Young People’s Movement. The Klassens had two children, Daphne and Gregory.

United Church of Canada. Division of Finance

  • Corporate body
  • 1925-2020

From its founding in 1925 the United Church operated with a unified plan of finance. Funds were raised by a united appeal to the whole church, and were apportioned to various departments of church work from a central fund known briefly as the Maintenance & Extension Fund, from 1926 as the Missionary & Maintenance Fund, and from 1970 as the Mission & Service Fund. In addition to money raised at the congregational and national levels, interest from trusts and estates and ministerial assessments under the annuity plans also went into this central fund.
Church finances were administered until 1942 by the Finance Committee of the General Council, established in 1926 following the expiration of the financial bodies of the uniting churches. The Finance Committee was responsible for the collection and investment of funds, gathering requests for funds from the boards, committees and agencies of the Church, and apportioning these funds. It was also responsible for the General Council Fund, insurance funds and policies, and the general property of the Church not specifically vested in a congregation or board or agency. Accounting, banking and investment duties were carried out by a Treasurer (assisted by a Deputy Treasurer) , who served as Secretary of the Committee.
The promotional work of fund-raising was administered by the Secretary of the Missionary & Maintenance fund and his assistants. These officials worked with the Conferences and local congregations to promote a sense of Christian stewardship throughout the Church. In addition to promoting systematic methods of giving such as weekly offerings and every-person canvassing, M&M staff at the national level created and coordinated special stewardship programmes and campaigns.
The pension funds of the uniting churches were administered by a United Church Pension Fund, the constitution and administrative board for which became operational in 1929. Due to the nature of the pension and provident funds established by the predecessor churches, the United Church Pension Fund did not become the sole pension branch of the church until 1990.
In 1942 a Board of Finance was established with three departments: Department of the Treasury, Department of Missionary & Maintenance, and Department of Pensions. The Board was composed of a chairman, the secretaries of the three departments as well as the secretary of the General Council, representatives of various boards of the church as well as representatives of the Conferences and non-ministerial members of the General Council. Each of the departments maintained their own boards and executives, with Treasury assuming much of the responsibility for budget preparation and accounting handled by the former Finance Committee. It should be noted however, that all final decisions on budgetary allocations remained with the Executive of the General Council.
In 1968 the Board of Finance became the Division of Finance, and in the same year Missionary & Maintenance became the Department of Stewardship Services. It now had responsibility for promoting the methods of stewardship throughout the whole church (in cooperation with the Committee on Education for Mission and Stewardship within the Division of Communications), and took on the additional duties of the Committee for Directed Programmes (the former Capital Funds Service), and the Office of Special Gifts and Bequests, as well as maintaining its primary responsibility for meeting the requirements of the Unified Budget Plan. In 1970 the Missionary & Maintenance fund was renamed the Mission & Service Fund. The final institutional alteration in the Division took place in 1985 when the Department of Pensions was renamed the Department of Pensions and Group Insurance.
During the reorganization of the General Council Office in 2001, the duties of the Division of Finance were separated into two parts: Financial Services (investments, revenue, expenditure, budget & reporting, facility services) and Financial Stewardship (annual/future revenue generation, bulletin cover production).The Permanent Committee on Finance, a committee of the General Council, was also created and is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the financial life and policies of the General Council, including assets, income, expenditures, considerations of its short-and long-term financial issues, risk management, and investment and fund management; overseeing long-term financial planning of the General Council, recommending the overall expenditure and income budgets to the Executive; monitoring income, expenditures, assets, liabilities and capital initiatives and reporting them regularly to the Executive and recommending financial strategies. Also in 2002, the United Church of Canada Foundation was created as an arm’s length body that is expert in the management of trusts and endowments that support the work of the Church. In 2009, Financial Services became the Finance Department and Stewardship Services work was transferred to the newly created Philanthropy Unit.

Lundy, Robert Alexander, 1874-1933

  • Person
  • 1874-1933

Reverend Robert Alexander Lundy was born in Peel County in 1874. He was educated in the local school, in Brampton High and Model Schools. He taught school for three years in Bruce County before entering the University of Toronto. Shortly afterwards he moved west to undertake mission work. He served in Northern Manitoba at Harperville, St. Lorent, Rosebank, Lake Francis and Bonny Doon in the winter, and in the summer attended Manitoba College. He graduated in 1900 with a scholarship which gave him a short post-graduate term at Glasgow University, Scotland. Afterwards, his first charge was Port Credit and Dixie where he spent four years. He went to Williamsburg and Winchester Springs in 1904 and in 1909 was called to Walton. While at Walton Lundy brought together the union of the American and Presbyterian Churches and built a new church. He also organized a congregation at Moncrieff, nine miles from Walton, and gave them a Sunday service. Lundy spent 11 years at Walton and Moncrieff, then went to Kippen for seven years, followed by Nile Charge near Goderich for the last three years of his ministry. Lundy died in 1933.

Turnbridge, Marjorie, 1921-

  • Person
  • 1921-

Marjorie A. Turnbridge was born in Winnipeg in 1921. She attended the University of British Columbia and received a B.A. in 1946. Following that she attended Emmanuel College at Victoria University for one years, then the United Church Training School from 1946-1947. She was a deaconess at Central United Church in Sarnia from 1947-1949, then was appointed by the Women's Missionary Society as a Missionary to Japan. From 1949-1951 she undertook language study in Tokyo, then worked in Kanazawa doing evangelistic work from 1951-1953. From 1953-1954, she was on furlough, then did evangelistic work in Nagano from 1954-1956, and Ueda from 1956-1961. For four years she was also a Field Representative of the United Church of Christ in Japan, and for one year the English Secretary of the Interboard Field Committee and Council of Co-Operation in Tokyo. Turnbridge returned to Vancouver in 1986 and undertook translation work and was an avid volunteer and frequent speaker on behalf of the Division of World Outreach.

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