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Aikenhead, James R., 1863-1946

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  • 1863-1946

Rev. James Robert Aikenhead was born in Toronto in 1863, and died at the age of 83, June 16, 1946. Aikenhead entered the ministry at age 21 and his charges in Toronto included Westmoreland Avenue United Church, King Street United Church, Davenport Road United Church. Aikenhead’s wife was Elizabeth Dimsdale who was the first woman evangelist to be appointed by the Toronto Conference of the Methodist Church in 1885. His daughter, Gertrude Aikenhead was superintendent of the Fred Victor home for Girls, and he also had a son, James Aikenhead.

Allison, Gordon Henry, 1914-1993

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  • 1914-1993

Gordon Henry Allison (1914-1993), was born in Hamilton, Ontario. He was educated at SS #1 Glanford and Caledonia High School and, thereafter, qualified as a teach at Hamilton Normal School. He taught elementary school in Amherstburg while taking extension course degrees from the University of Toronto and McMaster University. He returned to Hamilton in 1953 to teach English at Delta Secondary School. After retiring from Delta, he turned his energies to searching local archives and records. At his church, Barton Stone United, he compiled extensive archives on church members going back to 1811, assembled pictures and biographies on every minister the church ever had, and researched every person buried in the cemetery. He worked as an editor on several historical publications and compiled histories of dozens of the earliest Mountain families and all of the Ryckman's Corners pioneers. For the last seven years of his life Allison read every edition of The Hamilton Spectator from 1846 to 1893, and transcribed every birth notice, marriage announcement, death account and obituary. He died 3 February 1993 in his Ryckman's Corners home at the age of 79. Allison never married and had no survivors.

Anderson, John Norrie, 1890-1952

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  • 1890-1952

John Norrie Anderson (1890-1952) was born in the Hebrides and died at Inverness, Scotland on April 29, 1952. Anderson received his education at Edinburgh University where he graduated with honours in History. He later studied at New College, Edinburgh and was ordained into Ministry of the Church of Scotland. Upon immigrating to Canada, he taught staff of Wesley College, Brandon, and afterwards held pastorates at Fort Massey Church, Halifax; St. Andrew’s Kirk, St. John and in 1948 came to Toronto, as Associate Minister in Old St. Andrew’s. Following the amalgamation of Old St. Andrew’s with Westminster-Central, he returned to Scotland and at the time of his death was minister of Laird, Sutherlandshire. While serving as a missionary in India in 1924, he married Elizabeth Finlay, a Canadian Medical Missionary, who predeceased him. Afterward, John married Isobel Constance Anderson.

Annan - Woodford Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

  • ON00340
  • Corporate body
  • 1970 -

Annan - Woodford Pastoral Charge was formed in 1970, when Annan Pastoral Charge and Woodford Pastoral Charge joined together. It included Trinity United Church in Annan and Woodfrod United Church, until Woodford United Church closed in 2004. It is currently a single-point pastoral charge.
Annan Pastoral Charge was formed in 1925, formerly Presbyterian. it included Annan, Johnstone Church in Johnson, Leith
Trinity United Church, located at 303234 Sideroad 33 in Annan, was established in 1925, formerly Presbyterian. The Presbyterian Church was established in 1855 and shared a minister with Division Street Presbyterian Church in Owen Sound until 1877 when it formed part of Annan-Leith Presbyterian Pastoral Charge. In 1906, the charge also included Daywood and Johnstone congregations. It joined the United Church of Canada in 1925. It was also known as Annan United Church. It is still an active congregation of the United Church of Canada.
Woodford United Church, located at the intersection of Mallory Beach Rd & 8th Ave, was established in 1925, formerly Methodist and Presbyterian. It joined the United Church of Canada in 1925 and formed part of Woodford Pastoral Charge until 1970. The congregation closed December 2004.
Johnstone United Church was established in 1925, formerly Presbyterian; it closed ca. 1969
Leith United Church was established in 1925, formerly Presbyterian; it closed ca. 1969

Armstrong, Egerton Franklin, 1874-1965

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  • 1874-1965

Egerton Franklin Armstrong was born in Goderich, Ontario on December 6, 1874 and died July 25, 1965. After graduating highschool in Goderich, Armstrong attended Victoria University in Toronto, where he graduated in Arts in 1898 and in Theology in 1901. After leaving College he spent his probation serving the Tuckersmith circuit in the Goderich district and Wellington Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, in the Windsor district of the Methodist Church. He was ordained in 1901. After ordination, he was stationed in the Methodist Church at Tupperville (June 1901), Ethel (1905), Charing Cross (1907), Victoria Avenue Chatham (1910), Essex (1914), Wingham (1917), Wallaceburg (1921). After Union he served the charges of Listowel (1925), Bowmanville (1931) and Blenheim (1936). He retired from Blenheim in 1939 and resided in London, Ontario. There, he supplied at Pilgrim United Church London from 1940-1950, and took charge of the church from 1952. He was chairman of the Essex and Wingham Districts in the Methodist Church and of the Perth Presbytery in the United Church.

Barclay, Lynden Harold Winter, 1912-1953

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  • 1912-1953

Lynden Harold Winter Barclay (1912-1953) was a minister in the United Church of Canada. He attended high school at Glebe Collegiate in Ottawa. After graduation he attended McGill University, receiving a B.A. in 1932. He then earned an M.A. in Education at Queen’s University in 1934. He graduated from Emmanuel College in 1941 and was soon ordained into the United Church. He took some further post-graduate work at Union Theological Seminary in 1942. He was a minister at Radville, Saskatchewan 1942-1944; Kenogami, Quebec 1944-1948 and Woodroffe in Ottawa from 1949-1951. He took a study leave in 1942 and was studying for his doctorate of theology at Emmanuel when he was killed in a car accident in 1953. His parents were Dr. and Mrs. G.O. Barclay who served at Bell Street in Ottawa for over 40 years.

Barrass, Edward 1821-1898

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  • 1821-1898

Rev. Edward Barrass (1821-1898) was born in Durham, England. He worked in mines as a child, and was called to ministry of the Primitive Methodist Church in 1841. In 1853 he emigrated to Canada where he worked throughout the country until he was superannuated in 1891. He was an avid author, and published many volumes on church history and general life. He contributed to such publications as the Christian Guardian, and Canadian Methodist Magazine and was also very involved in the Temperance Movement.

Bartlett, Samuel, 1863-1937

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  • 1863-1937

Samuel T. Bartlett was a United Church minister, formerly Methodist. He was born in the island of Jersey on March 11, 1863 and moved to Canada at the age of nine years. At 17, he entered Methodist ministry and served pastorates in Ontario until he was appointed Associate Secretary of Sunday School and Epworth League Board in 1906, becoming General Secretary in 1909. In 1921 he started work with the Department of Art Photography at the Methodist Book and Publishing House. Rev. Bartlett was superannuated in 1925 and died on December 17, 1937.

Best, Marion

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  • 1924-

Marion Best was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. She received Nurse Training at the Royal Columbian Hospital, then worked there from 1968-1975. In 1977, she and her husband Jack Best received a joint call to the Naramata Centre in British Columbia, where she worked on programs and he worked on public relations and finances. She continued work there until 1987 when she began freelance consulting work with church and community groups, in the healthcare field. For many years, she was on the Executive of the World Council of Churches. She was also President of the British Columbia Conference, and on the United Church’s General Council Executive. A lay-leader, she served as Moderator of the United Church from 1994-1997, and in 1998 began serving as Vice-Moderator of the World Council of Churches. Best was Chair of the sessional committee that produced the 1988 recommendations on opening the ministry to gays and lesbians, in the report Toward a Christian Understanding of Sexual Orientation Lifestyles and Ministry.

Boorman, Charles, [19-?]-2010

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  • [19-?]-2010

Charles F. Boorman was a United Church minister previously an officer of the Salvation Army. With the United Church, he served as hospital chaplain and chaplain and counsellor to the Hamilton Police Service.

Rev. Charles Boorman passed away on March 13, 2010.

Bott, George Ernest, 1892-1952

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  • 1892-1952

George Ernest Bott was born in Blackwater, Ontario in 1892 and was a missionary in Japan for 31 years. He graduated from Victoria University in Arts and Divinity and was ordained as a Minister of the Methodist Church in 1921. Shortly afterward he married Edith Clark, and they left almost immediately for missionary work in Japan, stationed first to Tokyo and then to Kofu. They remained there until 1942 when, on the outbreak of the Pacific War, they were repatriated via the "Gripsholm." After the war, in 1946, Dr. Bott was asked to take charge of LARA (Licensed Agencies for Relif in Asia) and became a field director of Church World Service in Japan, representing the United Church of Canada Board of Overseas Missions in its work for relief in Japan. He and another missionary were the first two foreign missionaries to return to Japan in March, 1946. Bott remained in Japan until his death on March 5, 1952.

Bowles, Rev. Newton E., 1877-1970

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  • 1877-1970

Reverend Newton Ernest Bowles (1877-1970) was born and raised in Peel County. He was ordained by Toronto Conference in 1904. He graduated in Arts from Victoria College, Toronto in 1903, and completed his B.D. course in 1907. He was a missionary to China from 1906-1930. He was first stationed in Jenshow in 1906, and in 1908 moved to Kiating where he soon took over duties of the evanglistic and educational work of the station, including outstation supervision. For some years he had charge of the work in connection with the Alexander Sutherland Memorial Church in Chengtu, and was closely associated with the Chinese Conference during its early formative days. Bowles married fellow missionary Miss Muriel Wood in 1912, and the couple had five children, all born in Chengdu; George Herbert, Muriel Margaret, Newton Rowell, Elizabeth Joy and Olive Gertrude. Upon retirement as a Missionary in 1930, he continued work for the United Church in Niagara, Toronto West, Simcoe, and Lindsay Presbyteries until 1948. Newton Ernest Bowles is the brother of Richard Pinch Bowles, former chancellor of Victoria University, Toronto, 1913-1930.

Campbell, Elizabeth B., 1869-1951

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  • 1869-1951

Elizabeth B. Campbell (1869-1951) was a missionary. She was born in Duntroon, Ontario and trained as a teacher. She started serving in Angola in 1900 under the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. After taking a leave of absence for a few years she returned in 1920 under the Canada Congregational Women’s Board of Missions. While under the American Board she worked at Elende and Chilesso and while under the Canadian Board worked at Chissamba (1920-1927) teaching Household Sciences courses; at Camundongo (1930-1933) she taught at the Vocational School for Girls.

She retired in Toronto in 1934 and died in 1951.

Cantwell, Jordan, 1967-

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  • 1967-

Jordan Cantwell was born in New York in 1967; as a child her parents moved to the Canadian Prairies. She was involved with social justice movements in the 1980s and the United Church of Canada sent her to South Africa in 1993 as an Observer through the World Council of Churches. She officially joined the United Church in the late 1990s, and prior to being ordained worked at The Centre for Christian Studies when it first moved to Winnipeg. She also worked as a staff associate at Augustine United where she served the Oak Table outreach ministry. She earned her Master of Divinity at St. Andrew’s College, and was ordained in 2010. She interned at Delisle-Vanscoy United Church, and served there for seven years before becoming elected as Moderator in 2015. Cantwell’s spouse, Laura Fouhse is a diaconal minister in the United Church. Cantwell served as Moderator from 2015-2018.

Clark, George, 1841-1937

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  • 1841-1937

George Clark was born in Hull, England in 1841 and came to Canada in 1854. He was ordained in 1870. During his forty-five years of active ministry he served in the following Charges: Blythe, Blenheim (1881-1882), Welland (1883), St. George (1885-1887), Milton, Wiarton (1903-1904), Georgetown (1908-1910), Thorold (1894-1896), Stoney Creek (1905-1907) and at Zion Tabernacle (1891-1893) and Charlton Avenue in Hamilton. He retired in 1911, and died at age 96 in 1937.

Coleman, Kathryn Virginia, 1949-

  • Person
  • 1949-

Kathryn Virginia ("Ginny") Coleman (1949-) was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She attended McMaster University from 1968-1971, then from 1973-1975 studied at the Centre for Christian Studies, receiving a diploma as a Professional Christian Educator in 1975. She was received as a candidate in 1973, and ordained in 1975 by Hamilton Conference. She served as Director of Education at St. Paul's United in Orillia from 1975-1980, then St. Paul's in Midland from 1981-1982. She was the secretary of Ministry Personnel Services in the Division of Ministry Personnel and Education from 1984-1991, and Executive Secretary of Hamilton Conference from 1992-1994. She was General Secretary of the General Council from 1994-2002 and 2002-2005 she was Executive Secretary of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Conference. From 2005-2011 she worked as a Diaconal Minister in Little Britain, Manitoba.

Cornish, Donald Ralph, 1937-2000

  • Person
  • 1937-2000

Donald Ralph Cornish (1937-2000) was a United Church minister. He received his B.A. from Victoria University in 1960, his Master of Divinity from Emmanuel College in 1963 and was ordained in the same year by London Conference. He served in Rockglen Pastoral Charge in Saskatchewan Conference, Milverton Pastoral Charge in London Conference and Emmanuel United Church, Maple Grove United Church and Mount Hamilton United Church in Hamilton Conference and Iondale United Church and Church of the Master United Church in Toronto Conference.

Cornish, George H., 1834-1912

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  • 1834-1912

George Henry Cornish (1834-1912) was a Methodist minister. He was born in Exeter, England and moved to Canada when he was very young. He was ordained in 1862 and served the following charges: Mitchell, Clinton, Kincardine, Newcastle, Beaverton, Galnford, Cainvsillve, Rockwood, Pickering, Burlington, Wingham, Stratford (Central), Markadale, Drayton, Hespeler, Port Elgin, Niagara and Leyden.

He was Financial Secretary, Conference Treasurer, District Chairman, Journal Secretary of the General Conference of the Methodist Church of Canada and a statistician who was responsible for the production of the “Cyclopaedia of Methodism in Canada.”

Cotton, Henry, 1890-1972

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  • 1890-1972

Henry Cotton (1890-1972) was a United Church minister. He was born in Nottingham, England and moved to Canada in his teens. While attending the Wesleyan Theological College at McGill University he enlisted as a private in the university battalion and was later commissioned as a flight-lieutenant with the Royal Flying Corps. After his tour of duty he went back to school and completed his theological studies at Victoria University and earned his diploma in social work at the University of Toronto. He was ordained by Hamilton Conference in 1920. He served in the following charges: Copetown and Cainsville in London Conference; Brantford, Stoney Creek and Fort Erie in Hamilton Conference, Newmarket in Toronto Conference and St. Andrew's in Bay of Quinte Conference.

Craig, Robert Brycelain, 1916-2009

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  • 1916-2009

Robert Brycelain Craig (1916-2009) was a United Church Minister. He was born in Scotland and emigrated to Canada with his family in 1925. He received his B.A. from McMaster University in 1942 and his B.D. from Emmanuel College in 1949. He served in the Canadian Army from 1943-1946. He served the following charges in Ontario: Coniston, Sudbury; First United, St. Thomas, 1952-1963; Trinity United, Peterborough, 1963-1968; and Humbercrest, Toronto, 1976-1994. He was also Chair of Sudbury Presbytery, 1950-1952, Elgin Presbytery, 1954-1955, President of London Conference and a member of the Committee on Church Union, 1960-1968.

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