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Puttenham, John, 1859-1930

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  • 1859-1930

John Puttenham (1859-1930) was born in Gravesend, County Kent, England and came to Canada in 1888. After a period spent working with the Y.M.C.A. and other evangelical work, he was ordained to the ministry in connection with the Baptist Church, and served in the following charges: Keady, Westport, Delta, Kemptville, Stayner, Decewsville and Teeterville. From there he went to West Shelby, in New York State, where he served one year under the Methodist Episcopal Church. He returned to Canada, and in 1911, was received into full connection with the Montreal Conference of The Methodist Church, later to be transferred to the Bay of Quinte Conference. He served on the following charges: Eganville (1911-1914), Finch (1915-1917), Escott (1918-1920), Elginburg (1921-1924), Perth Road (1925-1929). Puttenham was married to Miss Annie Hilts.

Redmond, Christopher

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Christopher Redmond undertook the research of Reverend John Sommerville in the 1980s. The draft of his work was read by reviewers for the Canadian Federation for the Humanities. A paper on the topic was presented to the Canadian Society of Presbyterian History. The work remains unfinished.

Roloff, Anna M., 1878-1924

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  • 1878-1924

Anna Margaret Roloff was born on August 11, 1878 in Bruce County to members of the Evangelical Association. At the age of sixteen, while attending a series of revival meetings she decided to consecrate her life to God. Because her father and brothers passed away when she was quite young, she remained at home until the age of 26 whence she had saved enough money from dressmaking to attend Bible Training School in Toronto. She applied to the Missionary Board but was not accepted whereupon she took another course at the Union Missionary Training Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She applied a second time and in 1908 was appointed as a missionary to China. She wasn’t able to leave right away because she was requested to spend one year at a hospital in Brooklyn for special training as a nurse. In late 1909 she sailed together with Miss Elizabeth Schempp of Germany, arriving at Shenchow, Hunan in February 1910.

In China she assisted in medical and evangelistic work and taught sewing at the Embroidery Industrial Mission. When Miss Schempp gave up her charge of the Industrial School in order to marry, Anna Roloff assumed responsibility and adapted herself well to the job. The school enabled Chinese women to earn their own income. She had served sixteen years in the mission field until ill health forced her to return to Canada. She died Hanover, Ontario in 1924.

Sanders, Nora, 19??-

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  • 19??-

Nora Sanders (19??-) graduated with a degree in History from Western University in 1977. She was Deputy Minister of Justice in Nunavut before becoming the General Secretary of the General Council, a position she has held from 2006-2019.

Sanderson, Milton R., 1896-1975

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  • 1896-1975

Milton R. Sanderson (1896-1975) was born on a farm in the Bowmanville, Ontario area. He joined the army and was discharged from the 136th Battalion due to a heart ailment. Then, he became a probationer for ministry in the Methodist Church, serving a 3-point charge at Sheguindah, Manitoulin Island for two years before enrolling at Victoria College. He was ordained in June, 1924. His first charge was at Birchcliffe Heights (Toronto) from 1924-1928. From there, he continued work at St. Cuthbert’s United Church for 12 years. He served North Parkdale United Church from 1941 until North Parkdale and Erskine United merged to form Emmanuel United in 1960. He was Emmanuel’s first minister and remained there until his retirement in 1966. Post-retirement, he worked at Kingsway-Lambton as their visiting minister until 1975. Sanderson was an usher at the inaugural service of the United Church of Canada. He served as Toronto Conference President, Chairman of Toronto West Presbytery, Secretary of Toronto East Presbytery, Secretary of the Conference Committee on Christian Education, and Chairman of the Christian Education Committee of Toronto West Presbytery. He acted several times as a delegate to General Council.

Scott, Charles J., 1924-

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  • 1924-

Charles J. Scott was born May 9, 1924 in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. He received his B.A. in 1946 from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, followed by an M. Div in 1948 from Pine Hill Divinity Hall. He was ordained in 1948 and first worked in Kennecook, Nova Scotia. In 1953 he moved to the United Church in Blyth, Ontario. In 1955 he relocated to St. Paul’s United Church in Sarnia, Ontario. In 1959, he relocated to Ryerson United Church in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1964 Scott went back to school to study Psychology and went to work at the London Psychiatric Hospital as the Chaplain/Director of Pastoral Services until his retirement in 1980. There, he did a lot of additional work as an advocate for community health and community acceptance of former mental patients, he also trained clergy on how to recognize the symptoms of mental illness, and to work with mentally ill and elderly patients. After retirement, he continued work as a supply minister until August, 2008.

Short, Peter, 1948-

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  • 1948-

Peter Short (1948-) was born in Kingston, Ontario. He married his wife, Susan in 1953. He graduated from York University in 1973, Emmanuel College in 1977 and was ordained by the Maritime Conference in 1978. He served at Yellowknife United Church from 1983-1990, Beaconsfield United Church, Montreal 1990-1999, Wilmot, in Fredericton from 1999-2008. Short served as Moderator from 2003-2006. He also served the General Council office as a member of the Executive of the Department of Stewardship Services (1993-1998), chair of the Moderator’s Advisory Committee for the Very Reverend Bill Phipps (1997-2000), Chair of the Business Committee of the Executive of General Council (2000-2002), and Chair of the Agenda and Planning Committee for the 38th General Council. Short retired in 2010.

Sinclair, James Harold, 1941-

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  • 1941-

James Harold ("Jim)" Sinclair (1941-) was born in North Bay, Ontario. He attended high school in Sudbury, then received a B.A. from University of Toronto (Victoria College) in 1964, and a B.D. from Emmanuel College in 1967. He also attended Crozar Theological Seminary (Pennsylvania) from 1969-1970. He was received as a candidate by Sudbury Presbytery in 1964 and ordained by Hamilton Conference in 1967. He held pastorates in Schefferville, Quebec from 1967-1969; Cowansville, Quebec, 1971-1979; St. Andrew's, North Bay, Ontario, 1979-1998. Sinclair was President of Manitou Conference from 1999-2002, and General Secretary of the General Council from 2002-2006. He worked in North Bay Presbytery from 2006 until he retired in 2011. He is married to Donna Sinclair.

Smith, Robert Frederick, 1934-

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  • 1934-

Robert Frederick Smith (1934-) was born in Montreal. After receiving his B.A. from the University of Alberta in 1956, he got a diploma in Theology at St. Stephen’s College in 1958, a B.D. from the University of Alberta in 1964, and a Th.D. at Boston University School of Theology in 1973. He was ordained by the Alberta Conference of the United Church in 1958, and also married Margaret Ellen Maguire that year. After his ordination, he held pastorates in the following areas: St. Lukes, Fort St. John, British Columbia (1958-1961), Trinity, Edmonton, Alberta (1961-1965), Memorial Congregational Church of Atlantic, Quincy, Massachusetts (1965-1968), Richmond Hill United Church (1968-1974), Eglinton United Church, Toronto (1974-1982), and Shaughnessy Heights United Church, Vancouver, British Columbia (1982-1984). Throughout his time as a minister he held many posts on many committees; Doctrinal Commission, General Commission on Church Union, Committee on Union and Joint Mission, Co-Chair of Roman Catholic-United Church Dialogue, and the Committee on Theology and Faith. He was chair of York Presbytery from 1972-1974, Toronto Area Presbytery from 1977-1979, and President of Toronto Conference from 1981-1982. He was Founding President of the Richmond Hill and Thornhill Area Family Services. He served as Moderator of the United Church from 1984-1986.

Sparling, Edith, 1879-1965

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  • 1879-1965

Edith Plaxton Sparling (1879-1965) was born in Anderson, Ontario. She had some Business and Secretarial Training, and also graduated from the Methodist National Training School in 1909. She was appointed by the Women’s Missionary Society of the Methodist Church to West China in 1909. After a year of language study at Chengtu, she was appointed to Tzeliutsing for evangelistic work in 1910 and remained there for nine years. In 1919 she was transferred to Chungking for her next term of service. In 1924, she went to Fowchow and remained there for ten years. Then, in 1934 she was again appointed to Tzeliutsing and spent all the rest of her service there. Sparling retired on September 28, 1947 and lived in St. Mary’s and later Chatham, Ontario.

Stewart, Jean, 1908-1998

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  • 1908-1998

Jean Stewart (1908-1998) was born in Sackville, N.B. Her family later moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, where she completed Normal School, 1927 (aged 19). After some teaching and library work, she obtained her B.A. at Mount Allison University in 1931. Her interest in missionary work led her to attend the United Church training school, 1932-1933. She was appointed by the Women’s Missionary Society to West China in 1933 (aged 25), commissioned by the Saskatchewan Conference. After language study, she did both educational and evangelistic work for three five-year terms in four different cities (Chungking, Foochow, Tzeliutsing, Peh Deh). On her furloughs back in Canada, she studied 2nd year theology at Emmanuel College and five years later received her M.A. from Hartford Seminary Foundation. It was during her third term of service in China that all the remaining U.C.C. Missionaries were forced to leave the country in 1951 (aged 43). After a short furlough, Jean served on year in Montreal as a Port Worker, four years in Hamilton All People’s Mission Japanese Church and on year in community work at Gypsumville, Manitoba.

After her furlough in 1958-1959, Jean was appointed to Trinidad (aged 51). For the next 12 years, she worked primarily with women’s groups of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad and Grenada in places such as St. Augustine, Biche, Princes Town, Rio Claro and San Fernando. Her last term on the Island was spent as Pastor of Tableland Pastoral Charge. Jean retired at age 64 and returned to Canada, where she settled in Toronto and continued work for the church in various volunteer capacities. She died in 1998. [Written by Penny Battle, Toronto Valley Presbytery]

Stuart, Alexander Murray, 1887-1978

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  • 1887-1978

Alexander Murray Stuart (1887-1978) was born in London, Ontario. He attended school in St. Thomas and Albert College in Belleville, Ontario. Upon graduating highschool, he served two years on probation for the ministry at Orwell Circuit, which included Kingsmill and Crosspey-Hunter. He entered Victoria University, Toronto in 1912 and Victoria College in Theology in 1916. He was ordained in Kingsmill Methodist Church on June 4th, 1916. His first charge was at Amherstburg as Assistant to Rev. Abraham Walton Tonge in 1916. The circuits that followed were; Tupperville (1917-1920), Merlin (1920-1923), Petrolia (St. Paul’s) (1923-1927), Mitchell (Main Street) (1927-1930), London (Colborne Street) (1930-1953). Stuart retired in 1953 and served as Assistant to London (Dundas Street Centre) until 1960. In 1962 he was made Minister Emeritus. During his ministry he served on Presbytery and Conference Committees. He was chairman of the Conference Settlement Committee, 1942-1945. He was three times Commissioner to General council, and member of the Executive and Sub-Executive of General council. He was Chairman of Lambton and Middlesex Presbyteries and a member of the Board of Home Missions. He was President of London Conference from 1942-1943. In 1945 he received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from Victoria University. He 1946 he was elected a member of the Senate of Victoria University.

In 1917 he married Eva G. Tonge, daughter of Rev. Abraham Walter Tonge. They had one son, Donald Murray Stuart.

Sutton West : Knox Pastoral Charge (Ont.)

  • CAN
  • Corporate body

Sutton West: Knox Pastoral Charge was formed in 1925, formerly Methodist and Presbyterian; it was also known as Sutton West Pastoral Charge and Sutton West - Virginia Pastoral Charge, and included Knox Church in Sutton West, Bethel Church in Georgina Township, and Virginia

Thomas, Rev. William Henry, 1872-1945

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  • 1872-1945

William Henry Thomas was born in 1872 and lived with his family in Tanerdy, Abergwilly in the District of Carmarthen, Wales. Rev. Thomas received his degree in Divinity from New College in London, England. After graduation he became a Congregational Minister in Berkeley, Gloucestershire and Souther Petherton, Somersetshire in England. In 1905 he married Florence Nightingale Blackmore and they had three children -Doris Winifred in 1906, Ivor Charles Eaton in 1907 and Joyce Eleanor in 1922.
In 1914 Rev. W.H. Thomas accepted a call to minister at Queen's Road Congregational Church in St. John's Newfoundland. In 1922, he moved to Canada as a minister for the Broadview Congregational Church in Toronto, then shortly after ministered to Beulah Congregational Church (Ayer's Cliff, Quebec) which became part of Union in 1925. Sometime after 1933 Rev. W.H. Thomas was called to a parish in McMasterville Quebec. In 1937 Rev. Thomas moved to a small parish in Gould, Quebec.
Rev. W.H. Thomas left the ministry for treatment of cancer however he did not recover from his illness and died November 4, 1945.

Tindal, Mardi, 1952-

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  • 1952-

Mardi Tindal, a layperson, was an administrator and a Moderator of The United Church of Canada (2009-2012). She was born in 1952 and grew up in Victoria Square, Ontario (now part of Markham). She graduated from York University with a B.A. psychology and holds an M.A. in educational psychology from the University of Toronto. She worked as a consultant on leadership and program development and Coordinator of recreational ministries and youth resources with the Division of Mission in Canada at the General Council Office. She also served as Communication and Stewardship officer at Hamilton Conference, director of Camp Big Canoe and was executive director of Five Oaks Centre before becoming Moderator. From the 1980s to the 1990 she was co-host, producer and writer of Spirit Connection. Mardi Tindal served as Moderator from 2009-2012. She is married to Douglas Tindal.

Tonge, A. Walton, 1852-1922

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  • 1852-1922

Abraham Walton Tonge (1852-1922) was a Methodist minister. He was born in Ashton on Mersey, Cheshire, England and came to Canada at the age of 21. He was ordained to the ministry four years later and served the following charges in Ontario: Chesley, Tilsonburg, Aylmer and Amhertsburg. He was married to Eliza Jane Still.

Turnbridge, Marjorie, 1921-

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  • 1921-

Marjorie A. Turnbridge was born in Winnipeg in 1921. She attended the University of British Columbia and received a B.A. in 1946. Following that she attended Emmanuel College at Victoria University for one years, then the United Church Training School from 1946-1947. She was a deaconess at Central United Church in Sarnia from 1947-1949, then was appointed by the Women's Missionary Society as a Missionary to Japan. From 1949-1951 she undertook language study in Tokyo, then worked in Kanazawa doing evangelistic work from 1951-1953. From 1953-1954, she was on furlough, then did evangelistic work in Nagano from 1954-1956, and Ueda from 1956-1961. For four years she was also a Field Representative of the United Church of Christ in Japan, and for one year the English Secretary of the Interboard Field Committee and Council of Co-Operation in Tokyo. Turnbridge returned to Vancouver in 1986 and undertook translation work and was an avid volunteer and frequent speaker on behalf of the Division of World Outreach.

United Church of Canada. Centralized Print Production Project Team

  • Corporate body
  • 1987-1988

Early 1987 the General Council Secretaries made a policy decision to centralize print production activities for United Church print materials originating at Church House. The above Group was formed in September 1987 to design a model to do this and develop a plan to implement it. The project group completed its work in May 1988 and presented a report to the General Council Secretaries. The Implementation Committee was then established to plan the process for hiring a Director, Graphics Manager, and Production Manager; to negotiate transfer of funds and consider personnel implications of the new department. The Graphics and Print Department was established within the Communications Department in 1989.

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