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Thomas, Rev. William Henry, 1872-1945

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  • 1872-1945

William Henry Thomas was born in 1872 and lived with his family in Tanerdy, Abergwilly in the District of Carmarthen, Wales. Rev. Thomas received his degree in Divinity from New College in London, England. After graduation he became a Congregational Minister in Berkeley, Gloucestershire and Souther Petherton, Somersetshire in England. In 1905 he married Florence Nightingale Blackmore and they had three children -Doris Winifred in 1906, Ivor Charles Eaton in 1907 and Joyce Eleanor in 1922.
In 1914 Rev. W.H. Thomas accepted a call to minister at Queen's Road Congregational Church in St. John's Newfoundland. In 1922, he moved to Canada as a minister for the Broadview Congregational Church in Toronto, then shortly after ministered to Beulah Congregational Church (Ayer's Cliff, Quebec) which became part of Union in 1925. Sometime after 1933 Rev. W.H. Thomas was called to a parish in McMasterville Quebec. In 1937 Rev. Thomas moved to a small parish in Gould, Quebec.
Rev. W.H. Thomas left the ministry for treatment of cancer however he did not recover from his illness and died November 4, 1945.

McKay, John F., 1928-2009

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  • 1928-2009

John Franklin McKay (1928-2009) was a United Church minister. He was born in Kintore, Ontario and received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario in 1957, Bachelor of Divinity from Emmanuel College in 1957 and Master of Sacred Theology from Boston University in 1961. He was ordained in London, Ontario in 1957 and served the following charges: Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, 1957-1960, Kingsway-Lambton, Toronto, Ontario, 1962-1965, Westminster, Windsor, Ontario, 1965-1973, Riverside, London, Ontario, 1973. He also served as President of London Conference, 1972-1973 and chair of the various committees namely, Conference Planning, Block Grant and Conference Staff.

In 1955 he married Marilyn June Umphrey. He died in 2009.

Roloff, Anna M., 1878-1924

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  • 1878-1924

Anna Margaret Roloff was born on August 11, 1878 in Bruce County to members of the Evangelical Association. At the age of sixteen, while attending a series of revival meetings she decided to consecrate her life to God. Because her father and brothers passed away when she was quite young, she remained at home until the age of 26 whence she had saved enough money from dressmaking to attend Bible Training School in Toronto. She applied to the Missionary Board but was not accepted whereupon she took another course at the Union Missionary Training Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She applied a second time and in 1908 was appointed as a missionary to China. She wasn’t able to leave right away because she was requested to spend one year at a hospital in Brooklyn for special training as a nurse. In late 1909 she sailed together with Miss Elizabeth Schempp of Germany, arriving at Shenchow, Hunan in February 1910.

In China she assisted in medical and evangelistic work and taught sewing at the Embroidery Industrial Mission. When Miss Schempp gave up her charge of the Industrial School in order to marry, Anna Roloff assumed responsibility and adapted herself well to the job. The school enabled Chinese women to earn their own income. She had served sixteen years in the mission field until ill health forced her to return to Canada. She died Hanover, Ontario in 1924.

Gostonyi, Nicholas Ludwid

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Nicholas Ludwig Gustonyi was a United Church minister. He was ordained by Saskatchewan Conference in 1948 and served the following charges: Blaine Lake, Shell Lake, St. David’s in Saskatchewan Conference, Thessalon in London Conference, Baldur in Manitoba Conference and was probation office in Hamilton Conference.

Cotton, Henry, 1890-1972

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  • 1890-1972

Henry Cotton (1890-1972) was a United Church minister. He was born in Nottingham, England and moved to Canada in his teens. While attending the Wesleyan Theological College at McGill University he enlisted as a private in the university battalion and was later commissioned as a flight-lieutenant with the Royal Flying Corps. After his tour of duty he went back to school and completed his theological studies at Victoria University and earned his diploma in social work at the University of Toronto. He was ordained by Hamilton Conference in 1920. He served in the following charges: Copetown and Cainsville in London Conference; Brantford, Stoney Creek and Fort Erie in Hamilton Conference, Newmarket in Toronto Conference and St. Andrew's in Bay of Quinte Conference.

Tonge, A. Walton, 1852-1922

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  • 1852-1922

Abraham Walton Tonge (1852-1922) was a Methodist minister. He was born in Ashton on Mersey, Cheshire, England and came to Canada at the age of 21. He was ordained to the ministry four years later and served the following charges in Ontario: Chesley, Tilsonburg, Aylmer and Amhertsburg. He was married to Eliza Jane Still.

Williams, Thomas, 1810-1899

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  • 1810-1899

Thomas Williams (1810-1899) was a Methodist minister. Born in London, England of Welsh descent, his family emigrated to Pennsylvania but later moved to Canada out of loyalty to the British. He was a soldier and a surveyor’s assistant who helped survey most of Oro, Medonte, Flos and Orillia townships.
He was ordained in 1945 and proved to be an ardent preacher whose sole purpose was to bring souls closer to Christ. He served fourteen years in the Indian missions at Cape Croker and Garden River and two years as chair of the District of Algoma.

He was married to Deborah Keays.

White, Duncan, 1929-1999

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  • 1929-1999

Duncan White (1929-1999) was a United Church Minister. He received his Bachelor of Divinity from Victoria University and his Masters in Theology from the University of Glasglow, Scotland. He served in Clune Park and Port Glasgow churches in Scotland; Trinity United Church in Newmarket and was field secretary of the Board of Christian Education of Bay of Quinte before leaving for New Zealand to take up the post of National Director of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand. On his return to Canada, he ministered at First United Church in Galt (Cambridge) and Port Hope United Church.

Hershey Sydney James

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  • d. 2007

Sydney James Hershey was ordained in 1964. He worked in Waterloo Presbytery from 1986 until his retirement in 2007. Hershey died on Jun 28, 2007.

Sanderson, Milton R., 1896-1975

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  • 1896-1975

Milton R. Sanderson (1896-1975) was born on a farm in the Bowmanville, Ontario area. He joined the army and was discharged from the 136th Battalion due to a heart ailment. Then, he became a probationer for ministry in the Methodist Church, serving a 3-point charge at Sheguindah, Manitoulin Island for two years before enrolling at Victoria College. He was ordained in June, 1924. His first charge was at Birchcliffe Heights (Toronto) from 1924-1928. From there, he continued work at St. Cuthbert’s United Church for 12 years. He served North Parkdale United Church from 1941 until North Parkdale and Erskine United merged to form Emmanuel United in 1960. He was Emmanuel’s first minister and remained there until his retirement in 1966. Post-retirement, he worked at Kingsway-Lambton as their visiting minister until 1975. Sanderson was an usher at the inaugural service of the United Church of Canada. He served as Toronto Conference President, Chairman of Toronto West Presbytery, Secretary of Toronto East Presbytery, Secretary of the Conference Committee on Christian Education, and Chairman of the Christian Education Committee of Toronto West Presbytery. He acted several times as a delegate to General Council.

King, George Brockwell, d. 1956

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  • d. 1956

George Brockwell King was born in Orillia, Ontario and died in Toronto on June 2, 1956. After years spent in Public and High Schools he registered as a student in Victoria College of the University of Toronto. He was received as a candidate for the Christian ministry in the Methodist Church and was ordained in 1911. Pursuing his studies for the Ph.D. degree he and his wife went to Germany and enrolled at the University of Leipzig, but his studies were interrupted by the outbreak of the First World War. They returned to Canada where he taught Hebrew at Victoria College, while earning at honours degree at Harvard University. He became Editor of the “Canadian Journal of Religious Thought” until 1929 when he was appointed Professor of New Testament and Church History at United College, Winnipeg, and succeeded to the office of Dean of Theology a few years later. In 1947 he retired from his office as Dean in Winnipeg and in the meantime was honoured with election as President of the Manitoba Conference of the United Church of Canada, he was later Chairman of the Winnipeg Presbytery.

United Church of Canada. Division of World Outreach. Interfaith Dialogue.

  • Corporate body
  • 1971-2001

In 1972, the General Council authorized the creation of a portfolio under administration of the Division of World Outreach on Research and Education in Interfaith Relations and International Understanding. The name of the portfolio changed in 1976 to Interfaith Dialogue when the terms of reference were altered to exclude international affairs, and to give more emphasis to education and promotion of interfaith exchanges. The mandate, simply stated, was "to develop community through dialogue with people of other faiths within and beyond Canada." The Secretary had six main areas of responsibility: initiating dialogues between people of different faiths; representing the Division in Canada and abroad in discussions about interfaith encounters; interpreting dialogue concerns to the Church; providing and disseminating resource materials; extending dialogue into cognate areas of human rights; and doing appropriate research. The Secretary began serving ex-officio as a member of the General Council Committee on Inter-Church and Inter-Faith Relations in 1980. New terms of reference, instituted in 1988, charged the Secretary with the task of devising ways to promote interfaith dialogue at the congregational level in concert with the General Council and Conference Inter-Church and Inter-Faith committees. James F. Seunarine was Secretary from 1974 to 1980. He was succeeded by John H. Berthrong who served from 1980 to 1989. Paul W. Newman served from 1990-1993, and Bruce Gregersen from 1995-2001.

United Church of Canada. Committee on World Development, Service and Relief.

  • Corporate body

When the work of the Board of World Mission became part of the Division of World Outreach the responsibilities held by two committees under the General Council, the Committee on World Development and Relief and the Committee on Overseas Relief and Inter-Church Aid, were made one under the Division of World Outreach and called the Committee on World Development, Service and Relief, in 1972. The Committee was overseen by a Secretary of the World Development Service and Relief Committee (Glenna Graham, 1976-1979), then an Associate Secretary, Development (Glenna Graham, 1979-1982); then, Development Secretary (Lee Holland, 1986-1996).

In a unit reorganization in 1997, work re development was folded into Education for Engagement, which brought together and integrated the educational work of three former DWO Committees (Development, Interfaith, Mission Education) as part of the implementation of the recommendations of the Division’s Strategic Work Task Group.

United Church of Canada. Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit

  • Corporate body
  • 2002-2010

The Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations Unit was created after a massive unit reorganization in 2002. The Unit absorbed much of the work of the previous Division of Mission in Canada, and Division of World Outreach. The Unit had lead responsibility for justice initiatives, global partnerships, and ecumenical and interfaith relations. It offered leadership that strengthened the church’s engagement in God’s mission embodied in Jesus Christ of justice, peace, and care of creation, locally and globally, facilitating the sharing of resources with global, ecumenical, and interfaith partners. The work was divided into four major headings: global partnership, including global ecumenical and global mission personnel; justice, peace, and creation advocacy; inter-church/interfaith programs and the General Council Ecumenical Office, and education for engagement. The unit changed over time.

Under a 2010 unit reorganization, work of the Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations unit was split up between the newly created Communities in Ministry, and Partners in Mission units. In 2013, the units reorganized again and most of the work came under the Church in Mission Unit.

MacDonald, Clarke, 1920-1993

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  • 1920-1993

W. Clarke MacDonald (1920-1993) was born in Pictou, Nova Scotia. MacDonald graduated from Dalhousie University in 1941. Afterwards, he took his theological training at Pine Hill Divinity Hall in Halifax, was ordained by the Maritime Conference in 1943. In 1944, he received his Bachelor of Divinity from Pine Hill, and married Muriel MacDonald. From 1944-1962, he served pastorates including West Bay (Cape Breton), Black River Ridge (New Brunswick), Port Hawkesbury and Trinity Church (Cape Breton) and also served as Secretary of the Maritime Conference from 1961-1962. From 1962-1971 he was minister at St. Luke’s in Toronto, then, was appointed Secretary of the Board of Evangelism and Social Service in 1971. He served as Moderator of the United Church from 1982-1984. After serving as Moderator, he returned to his position of Deputy Secretary of the Division of Mission in Canada, with the responsibility for the Office of Church in Society and also, was chairman of the ecumenical Project Ploughshares. He retired in 1986 and died in 1993.

Pardy, Marion, 1942-

  • Person
  • 1942-

Marion Pardy (1942-) was born in Gander, Newfoundland. She graduated from Covenant College (Centre for Christian Studies) and holds a B.A. (Honours) and a Masters degree from York University. She earned Doctor of Ministry from Boston University School of Theology in 1997. In 1968, she was ordained as a diaconal minister by Hamilton Conference and designated as a deaconess at Gower Street United Church (St. John’s). She was Director of Christian Education for Yorkton Presbytery from 1968-1970, Team Minister and Minister in Birtle Presbytery (1970-1973), Program Resource Field Staff for Manitoba Conference (1973-1975), Pastoral Assistant, Forest Grove United Church (1975-1977), and Team Minister at Cliffcrest United Church (1977-1981). She was ordained in 1982. Pardy has served the United Church General Council Office as well, she was a contributing writer for Loaves and Fishes, Religion and Life, Worldwind and Exchange, served on the Celebration Committee, Christian Initiation Task Force, Loaves and Fishes Committee, and was chairperson of the Ministry with Children Working Unit. In 1982, she was appointed as Special Assistant, Children in the Division of Mission in Canada. From 1990 she was pastor of Gower Street United Church in St. John’s. Pardy served as Moderator from 2000-2003, and was the first diaconal minister to do so. Following her term as Moderator, she represented the United Church on the Governing Board of the Canadian Council of Churches, where she served as Vice-President from 2004-2009.

Cantwell, Jordan, 1967-

  • Person
  • 1967-

Jordan Cantwell was born in New York in 1967; as a child her parents moved to the Canadian Prairies. She was involved with social justice movements in the 1980s and the United Church of Canada sent her to South Africa in 1993 as an Observer through the World Council of Churches. She officially joined the United Church in the late 1990s, and prior to being ordained worked at The Centre for Christian Studies when it first moved to Winnipeg. She also worked as a staff associate at Augustine United where she served the Oak Table outreach ministry. She earned her Master of Divinity at St. Andrew’s College, and was ordained in 2010. She interned at Delisle-Vanscoy United Church, and served there for seven years before becoming elected as Moderator in 2015. Cantwell’s spouse, Laura Fouhse is a diaconal minister in the United Church. Cantwell served as Moderator from 2015-2018.

Long, Dorothy Elizabeth, 1901-1990

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Dorothy Elizabeth Toye (1901-1990) was an administrator in women's missionary work in the United Church. She was born in Toronto, and studied at Victoria College, Bryn Mawr, and the University of Toronto (Ph.D.). She taught high school, and married Ernest Edgar Long in 1931. She was active in church school, Canadian Girls in Training, the Woman's Missionary Society, the Woman's Association, and the United Church Women. She sat on national Boards of the United Church, and served as President of the Dominion Board of the Woman's Missionary Society from 1957-1960. She was also involved in community organizations and national and international ecumenical organizations such as the World Alliance of Reformed Churches; and published numerous articles.

Clark, George, 1841-1937

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  • 1841-1937

George Clark was born in Hull, England in 1841 and came to Canada in 1854. He was ordained in 1870. During his forty-five years of active ministry he served in the following Charges: Blythe, Blenheim (1881-1882), Welland (1883), St. George (1885-1887), Milton, Wiarton (1903-1904), Georgetown (1908-1910), Thorold (1894-1896), Stoney Creek (1905-1907) and at Zion Tabernacle (1891-1893) and Charlton Avenue in Hamilton. He retired in 1911, and died at age 96 in 1937.

Gardiner, Frederick John, 1888-1972

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  • 1888-1972

Frederick John Gardiner was born in April, 1888 in Oreston, Devon, England and while initially a stonecutter, qualified as a local preacher in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in that area. He emigrated to Canada in 1913 and was accepted as a student missionary by the Canadian Methodist Church and assigned to Southey, Saskatchewan. In Spring of 1914 he was accepted as a candidate for the ministry serving his two year probation at Southey, while also completing Arts studies at Regina College. During World War One, he served in the First Battalion C.M.R’s. Post-war, he moved to Toronto, receiving theological education at Victoria College and graduating in 1923. He was ordained by Saskatchewan Conference in 1923 and served many places in that conference (Rock Haven, Cutknife, Kipling, Griffin, Piapot, Eastend, Rouleau, Young pastoral charges) until he moved to Hamilton in 1948. He served in Hamilton Conference (Armou, Lyndoch pastoral charges) from 1948 until his retirement in 1958. After retirement, he continued as a chaplain at Green Acres Home for the Aged in Newmarket. He died November 7, 1972.

Gardiner’s wife Gladys was also active in the Church, and was a representative to York Presbytery from St. Paul’s Church.

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