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Performing Arts Lakefield

  • Corporate body

Performing Arts Lakefield is a non-profit volunteer group that brings an eclectic selection of world-class entertainment 5 times a year to the community of Lakefield.

Robert Delledonne

  • Person
  • 1932-2002

Robert Delledonne was a local historian whose research culminated in the work, “From Nelson to Lakefield” published in 1999. This collection is rich in social and cultural history of the village of Lakefield in the 19th century.

Rogers, Harry

  • Person

Henry G. Rogers was a son of R. B. Rogers and Mina Calcutt.

Rose, Rex

  • Person
  • 1930-

Rex Rose is a resident of Peterborough who served on the Anson Board of Directors in the 1990s.

Stephenson, Gerry

  • Person
  • 1938-2003

Gerry Stephenson (1938-2003) worked for Bell Canada in Peterborough. After early retirement he turned his attention to the career of his grandfather, John Stephenson, and his identification with the history of the Peterborough Canoe. He was greatly assisted by the ongoing research of Dr Cameron who presented his findings to the Peterborough Historical Society in 1975. Working from this base, Gerry pursued patent records and newspaper and magazine account. In 1987, he published his findings in a Peterborough Historical Society occasional paper entitled “John Stephenson and the Famous ‘Peterborough’ Canoes” (1987). He continued to pursue research on wooden canoes and boats and at his death was pursuing the influence of George Stephenson in Maine canoe-making.

Tolmie, Archie

  • Person

Archie Tolmie is a local historian in the Peterborough area.

Turner, J.J. (John James)

  • Person
  • b. 1850

J. J. Turner, sr. was born in London, England, in 1850. After some years of working in lake shipping and at Hamilton Ontario and New York City, he started the firm of Turner and Roper in Colborne, Ontario. He came to Peterborough around 1894 and did considerable business in sails and tents. He was a mayor of Peterborough in 1925 and was active in local affairs.

J. J. Turner and Company built an impressive factory building on the corner of George and King in downtown Peterborough around 1910. The company had been in Peterborough since about 1875 and was a premier Canadian producer of canvas products. The 1932 catalogue shows various styles of awnings and tents as well as chairs, bags and flags. Additionally, the catalogue carries items that were supplied to them by manufacturers in the Peterborough area, notably canoes and skis.

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