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Hawkins, Terry

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Terry Hawkins grew up in Peterborough, and in 1948 was living at 492 Bonaccord Street with his parents, John H. and Jean Hawkins, and his brother Trevor. John Hawkins was a floor finisher who had his shop at this location, as well. By the 1950s, the family was living at the north end of George Street (781) and his father owned Peterborough Sales and Rentals, at 24 Barnardo Avenue. Terry Hawkins was a teacher for many years, and was the author of two books on collecting milk bottles and related ephemera.

Heideman, Anne

  • Person

Anne Heideman was best known as the first Director of the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives.

Hill, Henry and Eva

  • Family

Harry Hill aka Henry Travers Hill born Nov 7, 1906 Lakefield ON to Wellington John Hill and Rachel Ellen Crowe. He married Eva Vileta Hendren daughter of William John Hendren and Annie May McBurney.

Holt, Alene

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Alene Holt was born in Stratford, Ontario and was married to Maurice Holt, manager from 1940 of the Peterborough branch of Household Finance Corporation. Their only child was Cooper (b 1947). She was educated in Stratford, Chalk River and Windsor. She graduated from Western Business College, Windsor. During the late years of World War II, she was publicity director for the Victory Loans. Her journalistic experience included a radio show in St Catharines, and projects with the Peterborough Examiner. Entered municipal politics in 1953.

Hope, Albert

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  • 1879-1953

Albert Hope was briefly a builder in Peterborough who later taught manual training in Peterborough schools. During the time that the fonds was created he was living at 704 George Street, Peterborough, and later lived chiefly at 219 Stewart Street.

Hubbs, Dorothy Gamble

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Dorothy Hubbs was the daughter of Harry J. Boyle, a Peterborough grocer, and was married successively to Dr. Warren Gamble, and xx Hubbs. Dorothy was a collector of glass, ceramics and plates and also served on the Hutchison House Committee of the Peterborough Historical Society, c. 1972 to 1979. Dr. Warren Gamble was on the Board of Directors of the Peterborough Historical Society in the 1970s.

Harry J. Boyle (1895-1942) was born, the oldest of five children, in Arnprior, Ontario, the son of William Henry Boyle and Elizabeth Driscoll. A printer by trade, he served with the 73rd Battalion, Black Watch Highlanders, and was a printer by trade. He was wounded in battle at Somme in 1916, and his leg was amputated. After the war, he toured with Chautauqua and was considered a splendid “social speaker.” While back in hospital he met Dorothy Mather, also of Almonte, and they were married in Toronto’s Metropolitan Church in June 1919. They had four daughters. He opened his first grocery store at 168 Charlotte Street, and soon had seven others. In 1927, he opened a warehouse for servicing his stores. And in the 1930s changed the name of his stores to Haboco. Because of the depression he lost control of the stores to National Grocers in 1933. The family home was at 514 Weller Street. He got a job with Elliott’s Stationery Company selling office supplies through the area. He was a member of Kiwanis, serving as president in 1932.

Jones, Elwood

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Dr. Elwood H. Jones is recognized both locally and nationally as Peterborough’s historical authority. An archivist since the 1960s, he has worked for the former Public Archives of Canada now known as Library & Archives Canada as well as a number of local institutions including Trent Valley Archives, Trent University and St. John’s Church.

He taught at Trent University, 1968-2006. In addition to Winners, he has published widely on Peterborough history.

Dr. Jones has won many awards for his outstanding scholarship and service to history and culture in the Kawartha region, including the Eminent Service Award from Trent University, the Janet Carnochan Award from the Ontario Historical Society, and, in 2013, a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Kennedy family

  • Family

John Kennedy and his family followed his son, William Nassau Kennedy, to Winnipeg in the late 1870s. Thomas Chambers is W. N. Kennedy’s father-in-law and accompanied John Kennedy’s family. See article by Elwood Jones, “Historian at Work.”

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