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Queen Elizabeth Home and School Association

  • CA : RPA
  • Corporate body
  • Nov. 1934 - [1968]

Queen Elizabeth Home and School Association was an organization to represent parent interests at the Queen Elizabeth Public School, and help teachers organize class events.

The first monthly meeting of the Middle Road Home and School Association was held in November 1934. (1) The school was renamed in honour of the then-Queen Consort, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, better known as "The Queen Mother", in 1943, and the Home and School Association followed suit. (2) During the Second World War, the organization provided preschool services, to allow area mothers the time to take on war work. (3) Very active throughout the decades, they were the largest such organization in Peel County as of 1958, with a membership of 445. (4) During the late 1940s and early 1950s, the group ran an association library at the school, distinct from the school's own facility. (5)

A library at the site of the Queen Elizabeth Public School was started during the Second World War by the Queen Elizabeth Home and School Association, no later than 1944. It was completely separate from its venue and namesake, the school, receiving funding from both adult membership and government grants. In May 1948, it was spun-off as a separate organization, the Queen Elizabeth Library Association. It was volunteer-run, under direction of a librarian, Mrs. Wallberg. (6) Queen Elizabeth had the tenth highest circulation among the 219 Association Libraries in Ontario as of the 1952 annual general meeting. (7) As of 1952, the library would serve students on Wednesdays and Fridays through the day, and adult members on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. At some point in 1952 or 1953, the school established its own library for students.

Their January 1953 annual general meeting, intended to discuss the future of the library association, attracted only the members of its board. By March, the Toronto Township Recreation Commission was contesting the existing system of granting individual libraries and the Peel County Library Co-operative; previous correspondence suggests that the QELA wasn't able to get council to fund more than $30 per year. With only 10 members regularly borrowing books, the QEL didn't reopen in that autumn. (Records don't explain the sudden drop in users, although the school library may be key.)

Deciding that the members would be "adequately served by the Port Credit Public Library and the Cooksville Library", coupled with the school itself establishing their own library, they requested information from the Ontario Department of Education in October, requesting information on dissolution. Juvenile books were to be distributed to schools in south Peel, adult books to the Port Credit and Cooksville libraries, and remaining funds meant to purchase additional kids' books for the schools.

The Toronto Township bookmobile program was not started until 1958, and did not stop at Mineola until 1959. As of 2017, the closest branch to this area remains Port Credit.

The last known reference to the Queen Elizabeth Home and School Association was in January 1968. (8)

The Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations is the umbrella organization for this sort of entity. It was Canada's first provincial body for H&S As, incorporating in 1919. The first such group in Ontario was founded in 1896. Home and School Associations were similar to Parent Teacher Associations.

The school was also known as Toronto Township School Section No. 23.

Adams, Maureen (1924 - 2011)

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  • Person
  • 1924 - 2011

Maureen Adams was a children's librarian and puppeteer who lived in Brampton. She is best known for the 1950s family troupe "The Adams Marionettes", which performed across southern Ontario.

Studying at the University of Toronto, she earned a Bachelor of the Arts and a Bachelor of Library Science, working at libraries in Niagara Falls, Welland, Saskatoon, and Leeds, England. Once in Brampton, she was a teacher-librarian at Ridgeview Public School, McHugh Public School, and Agnes Taylor Public School.

She introduced puppetry into schools as an extracurricular activity, and taught workshops in Brampton and Toronto. She was a Charter member of the Ontario Puppetry Association, member of the Puppeteers of America, and co-founded the Puppetry Guild of Halton/Peel, of which she was President. (The guild made many appearances at the Peel Heritage Complex during kid's events in the 1990s.) A member of the Brampton Arts Council, she received Arts Person of the Year from the organization in 2006.

She met her husband John Adams while in library school, and married in 1952. They had three children.


  • CA : RPA
  • Corporate body
  • ca. 1923 - after 1941

Based on a document at and the holdings at Region of Peel Archives, the company was named Kalec‐Forster from at least 1923 to 1927, and named Kalec Inc from at least 1931 to 1941. The business operated from 1420 Broadway (1923 to 1924), the "Hofman Building" (1925 to 1927, 1931 to 1932), and 5521 Cass Ave (1935 to 1938, 1940 to 1941).

Avondale Recreation Centre

  • CA : RPA
  • Corporate body

Avondale Recreation Centre is 55 Avondale Boulevard, a structure in front of Victoria Park Arena.

As of 2019, the building is home to 758 Argus Squadron and Peekaboo Child Care - Avondale.

Helen Wilson Public School

  • CA : RPA
  • Corporate body
  • 1959 -

Students moved into the school 14 December 1959, and the school officially opened 5 April 1960

Lagerquist, Bob, - 1999

  • CA : RPA
  • Person
  • - 1999

He married Jeanne in 1942.

He is the namesake of Robert H. Lagerquist Senior Public School, Brampton.

Humberdale Rebekah Lodge, No. 163, Bolton

  • CA : RPA
  • Corporate body
  • 1911 - 2014

Bolton's Humberdale Rebekah Lodge, No. 163 was granted a constitution on August 11, 1916, and ceased operation in 2014. The Daughters of Rebekah, also known as the Rebekahs, or the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies, is an international service-orientated organization and a branch of the Independent Order of Oddfellows (IOOF).

IOOF is a fraternal society which provides insurance services to its members and also acts as a social organization. It originated in Great Britain, with the first Canadian Lodge opening in Montreal in 1843. In 1855 the Grand Lodge of Canada West was formed, which eventually became the Grand Lodge of Ontario. In 1868 the Grand Lodge allowed the formation of Rebekah lodges for female members of the order.

The objects and purposes of the Rebekah lodges, as of 1916, were declared to be as follows:

  • First: To visit and care for the sick; to relieve the distressed; to bury the dead; and in every way to assist their own members, and to assist Subordinate and sister Rebekah Lodges in kindly ministrations to the families of Odd Fellows when in trouble, sickness or want.
  • Second: To aid in the establishment and maintenance of homes for aged and indigent Odd Fellows and their wives and for the widows of deceased Odd Fellows; and homes for the care, education and support of orphans of deceased Odd Fellows and of deceased sisters of the Rebekah Degree.
  • Third: To cultivate and extend the social and fraternal relations of life among Lodges and the families of Odd Fellows.

Although initially designed as a female auxiliary of the IOOF, Rebekah Lodges now allow both female and male members.

Hillson, James Albert (Bert), 1886 - 1963

  • CA: RPA
  • Person
  • 1886 - 1963

Bert Hillson was born James Albert Hillson in Glen Williams in 1886 and attended school in Huttonville before moving to Brampton. His varied jobs included volunteer firefighter, teamster and waggoner, painter and decorator, and governor of the Peel County Jail (1935 to 1943). He was also involved in sports, especially lacrosse. He married Emily Ada Kathleen Chambers in 1910 and had eight children, including two sons (Jim and John) and six daughters (Mildred, Anne, Edith, Eva, Georgina, and June). He died in 1963. He was a member of Grace Church, Brampton, at the time of his death but earlier was a Baptist.

Hillson O'Hearn, Mildred, 1911 - 1988

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  • Person
  • 1911 - 1988

Mildred Hillson O'Hearn was born in 1911 to James Albert Hill and Kathleen Hill. She was active in Grace Church and played softball. She worked for Gummed Papers as their head bookkeeper for a time. She married William (Bill) O'Hearn in 1942 and had three sons, Bill, Bob, and Bert. She died in 1988.

Lakeview Golf Course

  • CA: RPA
  • Corporate body
  • 1907 -

Lakeview Golf Course is a municipally-owned golf course in the City of Mississauga. Designed by Herbert Strong in traditional, parkland style, the course was host to the first Ontario Open (1923), the first Ontario Amateur (1923), and two Canadian Opens (1923, 1934).

Forster, John, 1818-1896

  • CA: RPA
  • Person
  • 1818-1896

James Forster (1790-1873, in Glen Williams) and Elizabeth Moffitt (1795-1847, in Streetsville) had seven children, including John Forster (1818-1896, buried at Churchville Cemetery) and Thomas Forster (ca. 1825-1872). Thomas is the father of John Wycliffe Lowes Forster (1850, Norval–1938, buried at Brampton Cemetery), making John his uncle.

Hokea, Ben (1898 - 1971)

  • CA: RPA
  • Person
  • 1898 - 1971

Ben Hokea is credited as the steel guitarist "who had the most impact on Hawaiian music's acceptance in Canada." Born in Hawaii, after a gig playing on a cruise line, he toured with Charlie Clark's Royal Hawaiians. The group played in Toronto for several years, beginning in 1915, and Hokea remained in the city afterwards. Hokea was a music educator and performer, and appeared both on radio and television.

Hokea's public performances in Toronto date back to at least 1918, when he performed at Massey Hall in a variety show.

His first known commercial recording was released in December 1919 by His Master's Voice Records as part of their January 1920 lineup. Hokea, Luther Hokea and Richard Hokea recorded three trial records for Victor in Camden, New Jersey, 1917. (University of California's Santa Barbara Library Discography of American Historical Recordings) He is known to have released records with Victor, Columbia, and Starr Co. of Canada.

As of 1925, Hokea operated a photography studio at 195 Yonge St, Toronto. This may be how he met Cecil A. Chinn, creator of the records relating to Hokea at the Region of Peel Archives. Chinn toured with Hokea in the 1940s around southern Ontario, including Owen Sound, as part of "Ben Hokea's Orchestra".

O'Hearn, William (Bill), 1905 - 1964

  • CA: RPA
  • Person
  • 1905 - 1964

William (Bill) O'Hearn was born in 1905. He worked at Hewitson Shoe Company from childhood, rising to become a foreman. He served on the Brampton town council and played lacrosse for the Brampton Excelsiors. He was also attended Grace Church and was an active singer in choirs and as a soloist and also played in the Brampton Citizens' Band. He died in 1964.

Atkinson Bros.

  • Frost postcard collection
  • Corporate body
  • [190]-[190]
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