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Anson House

  • Corporate body
  • 1912-

Anson House, since 1912 Peterborough’s most historic home for the aged, became the third Protestant home in Peterborough in 1931. The Peterborough Relief Society was founded in 1862 with a view to providing outside relief for the poor of Peterborough. The mandate was narrowed to be primarily Protestants, and primarily women and children, in 1863. The organization continued to dispense some outside relief, but beginning in May 1865 its prime concern became the Peterborough Protestant Home, located by 1870 on Steward St. just north of Brock St, and after 1911 at the location on Anson St; its name was changed to Anson House, in 1931. At different time, there were pressures (usually resisted) to have the Home operate as a House of Refuge, but its mandate was not so widened. Anson House ceased to exist and was integrated into the nursing home at Fleming College, where one wing was named in perpetuity for Anson House.For details see the history of the organization, Anson House: A Refuge and a Home (Trent University History 475 Class, edited by Elwood Jones and Brendon Edwards, 2001)

Barrie's Limited

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1900-1960

Thomas Barrie (1866-1942), Otonabee-born Peterborough businessman, began his business career with the J. T. Fairweather Co. Fairweather’s was then at the north-west corner of George and Simcoe, and in 1900 he acquired the Fairweather builing. He shared the building with Turnbull’s department store. Barrie’s moved to its attractive new building just south of Charlotte in 1912. Turnbull’s took over the whole building; during this renovation, Turnbull’s store collapsed in August 1913, a disaster that left six dead. Barrie’s expanded to several western locations, including Vancouver, Regina, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Toronto. During the 1930s, he reduced his western story. He was a life member of Rotary and of YMCA, a former president of the chamber of commerce. He was survived by his wife and sister in 1945.

Performing Arts Lakefield

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Performing Arts Lakefield is a non-profit volunteer group that brings an eclectic selection of world-class entertainment 5 times a year to the community of Lakefield.